Video Ads for Google Adsense not for Asia, Europe, Africa… Just USA

Bad news for everyone outside of the usa that was hoping to cash in on the video ads that Google adsense is releasing… only US based sites are getting them. And, you must reside IN the USA? It’s not very clear, but I’ll have a look at their blog in a second. Nope, no more clear. The way it reads it matters not where your sites are hosted – but where YOU, the owner I guess, are located…

Hmm… now, not sure how this will work since I have sites hosted at which has servers in the USA – and I’m physically located here in Thailand. My checks are sent here to Thailand.

How will they do it?

I logged into my Google Adsense account and I see no links to set up the video unit. Dam&!
Well, for you that can do it – these will probably be the premium ad type on Adsense… making you more cash everyday than the text and images they offer now.

The top ‘blog’ blogger in the world, Darren Rouse out of Australia says:

Once again AdSense have alienated publishers not based in the US with an update to their blog post announcing their new video units with a short update:

“Video units will be live in AdSense accounts later today (10/9). Currently this feature is open only to publishers located in the United States with English-language websites.”

These US-centric product releases are incredibly annoying for those AdSense publishers situated outside of the US. Despite having sites which attract largely english speaking US based readers and despite our blogs usually being hosted on servers within the US we are penalized by our own locations.

Yes I know there’s probably a perfectly legitimate reason for it – but give us a break! By the time we get to play with these new ads the US dollar that we all get paid with for AdSense will be worthless and video will be SO 2007!

Just once I’d love to see AdSense release something that is exclusively for those situated in Asia, Europe or Africa.

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  1. figures. Google Adsense is also the only revenue program that requires one to fill out tax documents in order to qualify. nice to know they don’t recogize personal responsibility.

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