www.ThaiPulse.com is for Sale!

Ok, there is just no way I can keep all the things going that I have going.

I’m definitely moving back to the states and I think my Thai sites will suffer for it as I will have other projects stateside that I need to take care of.

I will sell the www.ThaiPulse.com web site, domain, hosting for a year and include 15 hours of free custom programming for the buyer(s). Just let me know what changes you want made and I’ll do them for free for you – for 15 hours worth. If you want more than that, additional hours can be bought in groups of 10 hours for 4000 baht.

TOTAL PRICE: 39,000 baht

I think this is VERY fair… If the site was US based I could sell it for around $4000 usd. I’m sure there must be someone here that wants to have their own web site and wants to get one that’s already listed in Google and has PageRank for cheap. It’s a good deal and I’ll help you in whatever way I can with your questions.

This sale does not include the blogs that are linked off the home page or the blogs that reside in subdomains on the site. I’ll remove those. You can continue to link to them if you like, and you can continue to build the Travel Blog Network that I envisioned, or go some other direction entirely – up to you.

Photos, videos, and all mp3, PDF files and what not – can remain on the site. Your license for these is for viewing at this web site. You cannot sell photos or videos or any other PDF, mp3, or other content separately from the site.

Meaning, you can buy the site and resell it – with all rights going with the sale, the next owner can disply the photos and videos, etc. But, nobody can sell the content individually because you do not own it – you have a lease to display it on the site for as long as you own the site.

Ok, good luck… First person or group to send the cash via ATM transfer (ask for numbers) will get it.

There are no refunds as there are no refunds in Thailand… Ask everything you need to know before purchasing! Good Luck… I’ve listed the sale in BahtSold, and will possibly put it at Godaddy site sales as well so at this price it should go quickly.

Author: Vern

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