Yahoo has been non-working for 3 days now. Something is SERIOUSLY wrong there because I can’t even get the home page!

I’ve tried for email there for 3 days. I get part of a page and it’s only text and comes up after 5-20 minutes of waiting. I can’t get email at all.

I tried FireFox AND Internet Explorer AND Opera browsers -all worthless to connect.

I can’t wait to hear what happened over there. My Yahoo instant messages are going through – but I can’t get yahoo in the UK either in a browser!

Let me know if you’re affected too – or if you know anything!

Author: Vern

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4 thoughts on “YAHOO is FARKED!”

  1. Yep, I’m at work now – school and we have it and I logged in and reviewed my 100 messages. Yahoo has been iffy both here and at home over this year. I think they are blocking yahoo for some reason… not sure why. So yes, I have TOT also and at home it’s still no good. Maybe tonight will return? Thanks fonzi.

  2. Yahoo sucks for me also. It is driving me nuts.

    I’m in BKK Thailand and have TOT as my ISP.

    I’m not having difficulties with other sites. Blogger obviously works.

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