Yamaha Nouvo SX 125 (Replaces Elegance 135) FI – Thailand 2012

There is a new Yamaha Nouvo Nouvo released in Thailand recently under the name Nouvo SX, and though I haven’t seen any on the streets yet – Thailand’s Yamaha dealers do have some. Apparently they will come in about 5 color schemes if the brochure can be believed. I saw one in a silver and purple style that I didn’t like so much, as well as this black with florescent yellow highlights style – as the video below shows.

These new Nouvos are 125’s and not 135 any longer. I asked the dealer about 9 times whether the one I took video of here was a 135 – he said yes, 9 times. I asked him in Thai for some of those times too since loy sam sip hah sounds nothing like loy yee sip hah. He said loy sam sip hah. Now I’ve been looking everywhere for more information on a 135 Nouvo for 2012. There is no such thing. Nouvos are fuel injected – so they may lose top speed compared to last year’s model. I have a Mio 125cc – without FI from last year, and it’s quite quick. Top speed is horrible, but it’s so quick I don’t mind so much. If this 125 Nouvo is significantly faster on the top end – say, if it can hit and sustain 125 – we’d buy it. I really doubt it is going to do that for a max speed – yet alone hold it for a 2 hour trip to a distant city.

I like the Yamaha Nouvo’s for a couple reasons:

1. Faster than most scooters – almost all of them.
2. Stable ride at speed – the large diameter wheels steady the bike quite a bit versus say a “Yamaha Mio”.
3. More cushy ride with 1 or 2 people – dual shocks/springs.
4. More comfortable ride with 2 people – bigger seat, more comfortable foot pegs for passenger.
5. Tubeless tires – no flats!
6. The dashboard instruments used to have a very cool blue glow… though that has changed with this Nouvo SX – which has every color of the rainbow represented on the dash – not cool.

Anybody have one? Anybody know the max speed of these new 2012 Nouvo 125 Elegance bikes?

Update: I saw another demo at the Big C and asked the guy there if there was any 135cc Nouvo – he said, no, there are none in Thailand anyway.

Author: Vern

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15 thoughts on “Yamaha Nouvo SX 125 (Replaces Elegance 135) FI – Thailand 2012”

  1. May I know where I can order the Yamaha Nouvo SX and ship it to Philippines?

    I have a Yamaha Nouvo Z, and I want to get this new Nouvo SX release.


  2. Apart from the obvious fact that the nouvo sx is automatic and the spark135 isn’t. What would u say Is a more satisfying bike to own in bkk?Possibly bearing in mind that I have a wife and baby that will be passengers occasionally. So am also looking for a comfy ride. But I hate slow. I’ll sacrifice the family for the thrills. Hit me back. Thanks.

    1. not sure how big your ass is, but, if you are even slightly above the average thai frame, you’ll want the Nouvo for the seat size. They killed the Nouvo 135, but I think this 125 must be just about as fast as the old 135’s. The Spark is likely 5kph faster, 10kph if your entire family is bending forward to escape the wind. The nouvos are incredibly hardy. I’d go with that.

  3. i have nouvo elegance…just want to know if i can convert my scooter with those nouvo SX coverset n headlamp??

  4. Sorry for my english !

    I buy the new SX and very happy : 57000 bath in Thailand
    and presents… only 2,55 liters 100 km but slowly and in town. Not expensive if you look for Honda PCX and very good look. Not easy for a top case because the seat open for benzine. Nice colors, xenon light, very good …

    1. Did you get the 135cc or the 125cc? I went back to this same dealer and asked him AGAIN – is it 135? he said 135. So, I don’t know whether he’s telling me that this new 125 is the replacement for the 135 and there isn’t a 135 any more, or what the deal is. Anybody KNOW? I cannot find 135cc listed on ANY product literature out there at all. Anybody find something?

      1. 125 cc now, no more 135 CC.

        Now i have 1500 km, very happy, benzine between 2,30 liters to 2,6 liters for 100 km.

        Only one problem : very hot in Thailande and after 15 km about 100KM/H the panel is out of order (electronic ) !! too hot … now cold, no more problem.

  5. I’ve got the nouvo sx in black and it’s top speed isn’t too impressive. When I get to 90, I already feel like I’m really pushing the engine. I haven’t tried beyond that. It rides nice with the dual suspension and underbone body. Overall pretty nice bike, engine isn’t as peppy as others have said about their 135 elegances. It’s more of a smooth controlled acceleration. The backlight is red now and fuel gauge and odometer is digital now, not sure about last years model. Neon stripes was cool looking at first but I got annoyed with it so put some stickers over the wheels and took off the body stickers. Looks plain but nice.

  6. i just wonder, when this yamaha nouvo sx 125 gonna lunch in the philippines.i have a mio mx 125 and im going to change to nouvo sx 125 because it looks like cool..what do you think?

    1. Hi Keith, great blog you have there about the China wall… I think the dealer told me 52,000 THB – which is about $1,655 USD with today’s exchange. Not bad at all considering this thing will last 5-6 years of hard riding. We had a Mio – a step down from the Nouvo – that lasted 92,000 KM before I ran it too hard and seized the engine. It was only about 4,000 THB ($133 USD) to rebuild it – and it’s still going. We gave that to my wife’s aunt. Nouvos and Mios are great bikes, well worth the price.

      1. Thanks for the reply Vern. I see prices on motorbikes all the time when I have traveled in Thailand but always assumed the prices where per month on a loan. Good to have an idea on what the total price would be.

        1. Actually if you see a rate at something like 2,000 THB or somewhere in that neighborhood – it’s probably the monthly payment. If you see something like 4,500 or 7,900 THB – it’s probably the amount down you have to pay and the monthly will be much lower than that. I don’t think most Thais don’t pay more than 2,000 THB per month for their motorbike payments. We usually buy ours in 2 payments of half each. They charge $200 – $300 for the year for interest when we do it that way.

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