Farang – Thai Dinner Dates

Farang - Thai Dinner Dates

I used to have a problem with this one, but after a couple
of times of having to pay for the family and friends of
girls I hardly knew at all I put an end to it.

Now I’m practically married, but when I was dating and
I found a new girl to ask to dinner I would ask if she
wanted to go. Maybe 30% of the time that girl would
say something about bringing her friend. If I had in my
mind that I was just going to be friends with the girl I’d
let her invite someone. In Isaan when a girl is seen out
with someone – especially a farang – they are dating.
The entire town or village will know before sunset.

That’s Isaan and quite a few other smaller places in

Now, it’s the 70% of the girls that don’t mention any-
thing at all about bringing others to what you think is
a private dinner that can ruin the evening.

After they said, “Yes”, and 95% of the time a Thai
girl WILL say yes to dinner not because she likes you,
but, because she LOVES with every cell of her body,
MK Sooki Yaki at the mall. A good percentage of
the time the girl will ask – “Can we go to MK?”
To the other percentage that didn’t ask, I usually
asked them, “Do you want to go to MK?” That way
there were genuine smiles all around and I had a
better chance of having a good time.

After we picked a place, I would ask just to be sure.
“We will go to dinner ALONE, yes?”. I would get
her to understand this point if it took 10 minutes
and resulted in her deciding that she couldn’t go
with me without also having friends accompany

There’s no sense for a farang to do something he
doesn’t want to do here. There are so many girls
that will go out with you alone – that you don’t
need to waste your time on someone that won’t.

It might be harsh, but, it’s the best way to
operate here – a farang has something of value.
His money. That’s it. But, you can use that to
some advantage sometimes.

So – be careful when you ask someone – ANY
one on a dinner or lunch date. I always wait for
the new guys I meet to tell me the stories of how
they’ve paid for the family and neighbors to eat
at the seafood restaurants. It’s funny because
it happened to me.

It doesn’t kill you once, and you’ll learn
something about Thai culture.

But, don’t do it TWICE!

Author: Vern

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  1. Vern, you are so right with this article. :-) I don’t know how many times I invited some girl to dinner and had her whole family and everyone else even closely related show up… and MK.. lol… I hate MK. :-( … If I wanted to cook my own dinner, I would stay home. What’s even just as bad is, in Thailand it’s a foregone conlusion that the oldest person at the table doesn’t pay… wait for it….. except this never happens when a farang is at the table.. the farang always pays… :-) and do you notice, they will invariably order something, just to taste it, but never eat it, because they don’t have to pay for it.. just so they can tell their friends, I ordered foie gras… lol… It seems to be always a “one-up manship” on their friends and neighbors…

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