Free Cataract, Cleft Lip, and Other Plastic Surgery in Surin

January 26th – 30th Free Surgeries in Surin!

There was a post about doctors in Surin – in conjunction with some efforts by physicians in the USA doing 600+ reconstructive surgeries and cataract eye surgeries in Surin, Thailand. Here’s the article. If you know anyone that needs it – maybe have them head to Surin!

Free cataract surgeries for over 600 people in Surin
The Thai Physician Association in the United States in collaboration with surgeons in Thailand will offer free cataract surgeries for over 600 people in Surin province.

Director of Surin Hospital Thongchai Treewiboonwanit (ธงชัย ตรีวิบูลย์วณิชย์) said that Thai Physician Association in the United States and surgeons of Surin Hospital, Buri Ram Hospital as well as plastic surgery physicians from Chulalongkorn Hospital cooperated in organizing the free surgery project for cataract patients, the disabled, hare lipped patients, and other patients who need plastic surgery. The project is scheduled from January 26th – 30th, from 8am to 4pm at Surin Hospital.

The Surin Hospital’s director invites people to participate in the project. The hospital will provide free transportation for people from other districts in the province.Original article.

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  1. The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness, all their powers as a state depend. Aside from being healthy, people will be happy also if they are beautiful and attractive. There are so many doctors, hospitals and plastic surgery organizations that promote this kind of medical specialty.

  2. Surgeries make us beautiful and attractive to the eyes of the other people, especially the women. Because we concede that beauty is an asset of an individual. It was about breast implants, liposuction and etc . . . . As of now, many plastic surgery foundation and organizations conduct this kind of medical specialty, for the individuals whose interest is about looking beautiful. But always keep in mind that aside from us there are more people needs of it. Like, those young children born every year that has a cleft lip.

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