Guy Beats Wife in front of 4 yr old Daughter (and other Thai Couples issues)

Guy Beats Wife in front of 4 year old Daughter…

Driving home on the motorbike last night here in our home town of Surat Thani, Thailand a guy had his “wife?” bent over backwards on a table and was strangling her while his 4 year old daughter screamed and clawed at him to pull him away from her…


We were driving by fast and it was very dark in that area but my girlfriend yelled in my ear, “What was that?”.

I had slowed when I heard the child screaming and I turned around and saw the guy on top of her and strangling her. Both of his hands were wrapped firmly around her throat and I’m sure she was just seconds from passing out.

I turned the motorbike around and shined the headlight on him just as he stopped and walked away from her and went back into their house/business (sewage disposal trucks in the driveway). The little girl was screaming MOMMY and fiercely grasping at her mom’s legs. Her mom stood up, stumbled a bit, and walked back toward the house screaming in a rage something at the guy that I didn’t understand.

Welcome to Thailand and the way Thai relationships are. We’ve all heard stories of someone that has seen it first-hand or heard it from their tee-rak or other. Usually a story goes something like this… a girl was murdered… everyone knew, or, many people saw it happen, but they ignored it because they thought it was a husband and wife argument.

Yeah, that’s it. They just ignored a guy beating the hell out of his wife, choking her, cutting her, shooting her, etc… because they thought it was just a relationship slaughter – which nobody gets involved in here.

It’s a pretty sick thing when there are many witnesses and yet nobody calls the police. OR, when the police are called, they either a.) don’t respond because it’s a woman/man fight. or, b.) they respond and refuse to step in because again, it’s a woman man fight -and likely a relationship fight.

In Thailand it is part of their culture that everyone looks the other way. In my experience above, there was a group of neighbors looking at him choke her and we didn’t hear anyone saying anything. Thai people don’t say anything.

Would you say something? If you were the woman and the guy got up off of you, your life was spared at least for a little longer, would you RUN away? Or stay?

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I’ve got more stories about relationship abuse… the next one will be about my 15 year old student and her lovely relationship with a Thai boy that is one year older and what he makes her do! Stay tuned…

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  1. Vern, it’s disturbing enough to hear horrid stories like this especially when children are around and can see what is going on. It happens here too in Malaysia, the kinds you hear are just unthinkable. Father killing his children then himself; wife suffocating her children in fear and to threat her husband from taking on a second wife. I also heard once on the radio a badly abused Indonesian maid tortured to pieces, thrown hot water, breasts and back burnt from hot iron … stories so unthinkable it takes someone with strong stomach to learn/read about it let alone see it. Sigh. I don’t have the answer for this, only that you can be darn sure if I witness one with my two eyes, I’d do something or say something about it. Deep breath. Lucinda

  2. Hi, thanks for writing… I believe that abuse and crime happens all over Thailand… in fact, I’m sure of it. In fact, it’s a fact. Abuse and crime happen all over the world in every part of the world. The area that I saw this particular incident happen is on the main road in a medium sized city in Thailand. It’s not a rich area nor a poor area. I’ve lived in NYC. I’ve lived in Miami. I grew up in a small town and we had next to nothing. This area was just a typical part of the city in Thailand suburbia. Nothing special or seedy about it.

  3. I think it’s the part of town you live in. Every country or city for that matter has a seedier area where a lot of abuse/crime take place … even in America… try the Bronx in New York. So don’t generalise and say that abuse and crime happens every where in Thailand. Fyi, I am not a Thai.

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