Jae (Jay) Chinese Vegetarian Festival in Thailand

It’s that time of year when the Jae parades scare the hell out of the tourists.

I covered the Chinese Jae Vegetarian festival last year (I re-posted that on this new blog yesterday) and wrote my impressions of it. I added some photos and videos which you can find below – but this year I’ll abstain as many expat bloggers cover it already – and cover it well!

Already I saw that Jamie in Phuket had a great post about it for 2008’s festival activities – so I’ll refer you there:

Jamie Monk Phuket Blog covering Jae Festival >

Phuket is where the festival started apparently. He talks about it a little bit, but then links to the main site for information about the Chinese Vegetarian Festival here >

Here are some tame photos of the Jae participants in the festival from last year.

Here are my crazy photos from the Chinese Jae Vegetarian Festival in Krabi for 2007.

Here are 18 videos from Chinese Jae Vegetarian Festival in Krabi, 2007.

12 guys cutting tongues and dancing Bloody group,
guy with sword piercing cheek
Guys dancing while firecrackers
go off around them
All sorts of Jae parade walkers
Guy with serpent carving through cheek and others cutting themselves Kids walk near bloody men
Very crazy group cutting themselves, children just 3 meters behind
Monkey man 1 Monkey man 2
Man licking blade Hard sword licker
Kids and women walk in Jae parade Guys possessed
Guys screaming, women following Bloodiest guy
Guys and girl with pierced cheek Bicycle frame piercing

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