Monks in Thailand creating a SERIOUS String Ceremony at the Spirit House in Surat Thani, Thailand

We were hoping they were going to do something for this holiday – I can't remember which one it was though, it was a couple months back when we were still in Surat Thani, Thailand.

The monks were climbing these poles in their robes and it was quite an experience. I thought I saw a flash of TT (trouser trout). I'm NOT joking.

They appeared to be making an ELABORATE string ceremony to end all string ceremonies – or at least to put the others during the year to shame. Yes, I'm sure that was the object. The strings went the whole way around the Provincial Spirit House in Surat – located close to the river and near the police station and the Island on the river where everyone goes for sports at night.

I will attach two photos – just as a test to see if I can post two at the same time – with one email. I'm blogging by email today and the formatting is different than how I usually do it.

If you are in Thailand and you know it's supposed to be a holiday of some sort you really should take a little trip down to the biggest Buddhist temple you can find – and see if they have anything going on.  I'm usually pleasantly surprised when I do this as I see somethings that other tourists or expats don't usually get to see.  Thai Buddhists do things differently than Chinese Buddhists so if you have a lot of time – take a look at both traditions.

Ok, enjoy the monks climbing the poles.

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