Thai Boy – Girl, Man – Woman, Man – Tot Relationships

Brunty had an amazing post over at today. A 13 year old girl came into his class late with hickeys all over her neck. Not one to fall for a lame excuse he pursued it and found out the girl got it from a 20 year old that attended a nearby tech school! Twenty!

Brunty started the ball rolling and hopefully it will get resolved. Apparently the girl is from Korea and her parents live there. What the hell did Korean parents send their kid to Thailand for? Get her out of the way?

Thai relationships are pretty bizarre… the other week Brunty was talking about an 8 year old that was being forced to be married!!!!!! I think that’s what he said… or was that a 12 year old? It all runs together in my mind.

Anyway – so – farangs aren’t the only sick ones in Thailand. We didn’t bring it here either -it’s just here man – and been like this for many years. It’s not so unbelievable considering in the Good Ol’ US of A girls in some states the age of consent for sex was just 8 yrs old and girls could get married any time their parents let ’em.

That was at the turn of the century. Last century. Thailand has some catching up to do…

Author: Vern

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