Katoey (Ladyboy) Kills Monk because He wanted Two Times for Price of One Time

Story out of Thai newspaper…

This young (teenage?) Katoey (Ladyboy) stabbed the monk shown in this photo because the monk wanted to have sex twice on his one short-time fee.

I hate to be the one bringing this up but, there are monks that are bad news here in Thailand. If one were to read the Thai newspapers all the time, and it might be worth learning to read it JUST FOR THIS kind of thing, there are many instances of monks doing crazy things.  Monks are people just like anyone else. Sitting in a wat for 40 years might make some unstable in society. At the least it’s going to make you a bit “different”.

The worst thing I’ve ever heard was reported in the Thai and English newspapers about a Buddhist monk that was having sex with the temple dogs.  Locals living close to the wat could hear the dog yelping and crying sometimes but they didn’t think anything of it. Then someone caught him red handed I believe by looking through the window at him. I need to dig up the story, it’s fascinating…

Ok, here’s a link to a story that covers a LOT of interesting things including the dog sex story…


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