Thailand’s 3 Ladyboy Types…

Ladyboy Types in Thailand

Ladyboys are easier to take when they’re quiet.

In Patong there are quite a few ladyboys running around. I’d say – a few hundred, if not 1,000. I personally probably spoke to a hundred or so when I used to hang out with a friend that liked to indulge in them.

We’d sit at a spot in a bar on Bangla and they were dancing on a stage right there in front of us. They all knew my friend and of course thought I was into the same menu.

Ladyboys are curious folk. I saw 3 types while I was in Phuket:

1. Overly aggressive and eager to put their hands on your crotch, or show you their nipples and kiss your face. They are friendly, speak some English, and are the ones that make enough money to survive because they have just the right touch of showing affection and urging the guys to take them home.

2. Overly shy, and are afraid to talk – or smart enough to realize that they’re better off not talking – in order to score more guys that just can’t take them home once they hear either the deep voice or the fake voice- neither of which has the magic necessary to arouse even the most motivated and/or curious male.

These are making enough money just because they are playing the role that guys like in their ‘women’… demure, quiet, and playful.

3. Those that are aggressive and eager with each other and get into arguments a lot with each other… are very concerned with some kind of feeling of competition with the other ladyboys… they are jealous. Usually, I’m guessing that these LB’s are on drugs… not that the others AREN’T, but they handle their yaba better maybe?

These are like mean drunks. These are the ones that are the ugliest… sometimes the biggest and most manly… and the ones that will cruise the streets during late night – after 2 a.m. or so – to find the foreigners that are walking home – especially on beach road, but I’ve seen them other places. They just cruise around looking for foreigners to pickpocket or beat the hell out of while they pickpocket them.

A lot of guys are here in Thailand JUST to see the ladyboy phenomena. I’ve talked to guys that INSISTED to me they were straight… and then I watched at 3 a.m. as the bars closed and they’re taking an LB to their room.

I have kids in my Mathyom 3 class (15 yrs old) that want to be ladyboys and they already have a plan for their life.

They’re already taking the hormones which will give them a strange voice, THIN waste, wide hips, and might even grow them some A-cup “ninners” that could feed their own baby if nature intended their a$$ cavity to serve as a womb.

Thai parents are sometimes cool with the idea of their son becoming a ladyboy because if you haven’t noticed – not all the sons here are motivated to do much at all except open motorbike shops.

A ladyboy son could bring in a little income. A top ladyboy could bring in a NICE income, and provide some light entertainment around the home during the holidays if he/she returns home for a few days.

It’s mostly accepted here. Don’t get me wrong, there are parents that will try to beat it out of the kid, but not nearly as many as in the USA where parents might crucify the kid – just to save his misguided soul.

Well, more later on this topic – there’s loads.

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  1. Thanks – yes, so true… forgot about them – but I have met some as friends of friends. Usually they are going to university and not at all involved in the pay for sex industry. Thanks for the comment! – Vern

  2. There’s a forth ilk of ladyboy that you failed to mention, the kind that does not sell themselves for money. They’re rare, granted, but do exist… trust me ;o)

  3. Fascinating! I knew about the ladyboys in Thailand, but not to this extent. I can’t believe that the boys already know at a young age they want to be this way. And how some parents think its OK.
    Really enjoying your blog..will be back here often.

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