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Gold Thai Amulet: Guan Yin, Chinese Goddess
Gold Thai Amulet: Guan Yin, Chinese Goddess

Thais are very superstitious. I’d say most Thai people wear an amulet or wear bracelets from the Buddhist temple they call their home temple.

Recently a craze came and went, the “Jatukum” amulets – the big round amulets that were made famous initially by a security guard in Nakhon si Thammarat who was wearing one as he was shot and lived in a robbery attempt I believe. Soon the entire nation was churning out Jatukam amulets by the thousands. Well, the Jatukam fad died and now you couldn’t give one away to a Thai person. Those that spent 20,000 baht ($660 usd) and more for theirs still stubbornly persist in wearing them – but most have packed them away in a safe place, embarrased to wear what was only a fad – and probably not a legitimate one in the first place.

There are many thousands of types of Thai amulets for sale at the temples here. Mostly there are replicas of original extremely rare and pricey amulets that Thais try to sell to foreigners and other Thais for outrageous amounts of money. When in fact, they’re not worth more than 1000 baht on average. There aren’t many original amulets from hundreds of years ago that are sold for less than $200 usd – about 6000 baht.

For myself I don’t believe in the power of the amulets at all. I have never really believed in good luck anything, starting with rabbits feet I had when I was a boy in Pennsylvania. Good luck rabbits feet and clover didn’t prove to me anything special at all. However, those that attribute whatever good luck they do have – to the good luck charm or amulets – will see that they are very lucky indeed.

Instead I focus on the Thai gold Buddhist and Buddha amulets that are found at a few select temples I’m aware of. Nakhon Si Thammarat is the capital city for good luck amulets in the south of Thailand and a great place to visit just for that reason alone. The temples there are incredible – and photo taking opps abound.

Thai amulets make great gifts not only to Thai people but to anyone that has any interest at all in Buddhism. Gifts from Asia, and Thailand in particular is one way to give a unique gift the receiver hasn’t had before. It’s getting very difficult to find something unique to mail order and send to a loved one. Why not browse the Thai gold, bronze, copper, and brass amulets at the site mentioned above and see what you find?

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  1. I know this is off topic a little bit but has anyone tried selling “Western” gold here in Thailand. I found a company that claims to give you good prices but wondering if anybody had prior experience with this???

  2. i was wonder if you can find a pure 5 buddha neckles,for me, i being looking for it for about 10 years and see that you have the emulets need it and i want to know if you would please. thank you buddha bless.

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