Thailand ODD Photos Series (Part 6: Thai People Sleep ANYWHERE!)

In Koh Samui I came up over a hill at a resort that sprawled across a lot of land and there was this Thai worker sleeping on the street! Actually, I wasn’t fast enough with the camera and there are 3 or 4 people to the side of me that were sleeping there but had stood up too quickly!

This Dhamma talk at Buddhist Temple, Suan Mokkh in Chaiya was just a little bit boring. They play Buddhadassa’s old dhamma talks over a loud speaker and it’s quite a relaxing activity.

Don’t know how this got in there – this kid is sleeping – but only his mind is asleep, body fully awake. This was at an English Camp a while back. I forget what they were doing.

Your Thai employees WILL be sleeping on the job – and it’s OK. Mai pen rai. Not a big deal. This was a pizza place I liked a lot.

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Shama Kern has some AWESOME photos of Thai people sleeping strange places. Don’t miss the two guys on a motorbike sleeping. The guy on left is falling off the thing – hilarious. Thai People Sleep Anywhere.


Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Thailand ODD Photos Series (Part 6: Thai People Sleep ANYWHERE!)”

  1. Vern, just today i was going through my vast archive of photos (totaling over 25,000) doing research for a new blog article, when i ran across those photos i took of the homeless people on the grass, drying clothes, etc. they are making do with what they have.

    as for Hawaii, i’ve never been there but i used to get a lot of airplay in Kauai back in the 90s. i’m sure with the cost of living that if i were there, i probably would start out homeless!

  2. Hi MJ, I’ve considered what it would be like to be homeless. hmmm… I don’t want to be there, but, having lived in Thailand on very little – I think I’d survive and be happy at the same time. I’d choose Hawaii to be homeless in though! Thanks for all the comments lately! Vern

  3. cool series, Vern. last time i was in BKK i noticed a lot of people sleeping in parks, on the grass. some had pillows and blankets too, obviously having spent quite some time in the park. a few people were drying their laundry in the sun on the concrete sidewalk. if i couldn’t find any work i’d be doing the same thing myself.

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