Thailand Isn’t Worried about the South?

That’s what I’ve been wondering lately.

Here’s today’s BKK post headline from the south:

Insurgents behead old man in South

Extremists in the South have beheaded a 72-year-old Buddhist rice miller in at least the 24th such atrocity since they escalated their insurgency just over three years ago.

Police said the victim apparently was killed in retaliation for a bomb attack on a village tea shop owned by Muslims.

The man’s head was not found and police said they found severe cuts on his fingers, hands and shoulder at his village mill in Pattani province.

“This is revenge for what happened last night in Nakohn Nua,” a message left at the mill said in reference to the village where a bomb exploded that injured no one.
20:54 Feb 08, 2007

You know, in America there would be some serious effort to get this resolved… unfortunately in America we have so much beauracracy (sp?) to go through to get it done, BUT, if it was happening in the south of Florida for instance, Jeb Bush would be there everyday trying to do something. He’d HAVE TO. Here though, the Thai junta and the government before it ignored it. They made small efforts that were more to appease the complaints, but really they’re doing nothing effectively.

Here’s a quick plan that I think would work. You might call it racist, you might call it insensitive… I’m not concerned with all that – just making a plan work to resolve the insanity down there because it’s already out of control and spread too deep to do anything diplomatically.

1. Offer to give the Muslims an area of land where they can exist as a private group, nation, whatever they wish to call themselves.

2. Cut them off from everything Thailand can off them – electricity, goods, etc. Let Malaysia take care of them since Malaysia is Muslim and Thailand is not.

3. Forget about them. If others in Thailand want to move there – let them. Revoke their citizenship and make them become citizens of their new country.

4. Even offer them money to GO. Give each adult 30,000 baht to setup up in their new country and to move their possessions, sell their homes, whatever they need to do. When they LEAVE the country, and move, they can have 30,000 baht and be left to do what they want to do.

Thailand cannot make everyone happy it is much beyond that. The group that wants a separate nation can have it. Once they move Thailand can reinforce the border – built the great wall of Thailand and forbid travel across the line into Malaysia. Who needs Malaysia anyway? Let Malaysia align with Indonesia and other Muslim countries that we don’t care about or need to care about.

Everyone go on existing in their own worlds without benefit of a peaceful-coexistence, because it is impossible and not worth trying for.

Solve this in whatever way necessary, and move on to other things.

To see old Buddhist rice farmers get beheaded or monks beheaded or women elementary teachers shot or sliced open… is really too much isn’t it?

Yes, there are atrocities committed by Thais against these groups too – absolutely… let’s start a new chapter though and separate the groups – give part of what they want – negotiate everything out – and forget them and move on.

It’s so ridiculous to continue this.

If they don’t want to voluntarily take the land that is offered – then Thailand simply takes EVERY MUSLIM that they can find – and it wouldn’t be that hard to find them – Buddhists don’t pray 6 times per day… and forcibly TAKE THEM TO THE NEW LAND AND DROP THEM OFF.

See, Thailand can do things like this – we’re not entirely civilized here and governed by thick layers of law that must be adhered to. Some things are just taken care of old-west style.

I say, for this situation be tough, offer them an out, and if they don’t take it – move them out.

Problem solved.


Author: Vern

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5 thoughts on “Thailand Isn’t Worried about the South?”

  1. I have just one suggestion for you.

    1. Read the article and try real hard to understand it before you make any comments. Your lame comparison of Mexicans in the USA shows you don’t really understand what is happening in Thailand. Let me help you…

    In Thailand there is a group of Muslim extremists that are killing monks, women, and children in sick ways to scare the powers that be in Thailand into giving part of Thailand to them so they can create a separate state.

    As far as I know there is no such activity going on at the border of Mexico with Texas. In Thailand about 2000 have died. Where is the comparison? I don’t see it. In fact, it isn’t THERE, that’s why I don’t see it.

  2. Why not give Texas back to Mexico and moving all Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, Hispanics and those whose families at one time spoke Spanish across the border?

    There are a lot of Muslim families living throughout Thailand, not just the South, that have been loyal subjects for centuries (much longer than the US has existed). Just because of what’s going on in the South you want to get rid of all of them?

    I have three suggestions for you:
    1. Investigate the history of the conflict, not just what you’ve read in the local newspapers over the last two years that you’ve been here.
    2. Don’t expect non-Malay Malaysians to have a fair opinion of any conflict involving Muslims because they are descriminated against systematically there.
    3. Stick to topics you have a clue on. Politics is not one of them.

  3. jack! move Israel to Arizona? ha! That’s the best… like moving the people of Africa out of the desert. I know you’re joking and that you know that the only reason Israel is there at all is because they believe it to be a holy place. Me thinks Arid Zona is not such a holy place and probably wouldn’t be acceptable as an alternative!

    anonymous Dude: thanks for the comment, it’s good to know a little about what the Malaysian side is doing.

    Thanks for the comments about the charts. I love Letterman, though I’ve not seen that show for many years now…

  4. Have you ever thought about offering a similar plan to relocate Israel out of Middle East to Arizona or area of similar climate in the US? You actually can save huge amount of tax payer’s money. The money the US poured into supporting Israel can be more than to make this plan work beautifully. This is not include the money for war on terrorism.

    Think about that.

  5. Dude. Spot on with your comments. It doesn’t help matters that the head of the military junta is a Moslem himself. I mean, he is prioritizing his own personal political agenda over other the safety of loyal Thai subjects. As a Malaysian, but Non-Moslem, I can tell you the Malay press here are not helping matters at all. For instance, they call these terrorists “Pejuang Pemisah” or “Puak Pemisah” i.e. Separatists. I ain’t lying. FYI, all Malay newspapers here in Malaysia are controlled by the ultra-nationalistic ruling party, UMNO, United Malays National Organization. One gets the impression that the Malay Moslems feel that only Non-Malay Non-Moslems deserves the tag “Terrorists”. You know, holier than thou attitude?

    “Pejuang” comes from the Malay root word “Juang” i.e. to fight, and “Pemisah” comes from the Malay root word “Pisah” i.e. to separate or to set apart. Can you imagine if you were a Malay Moslem living near the border, and upon reading such appendages, you might get the impression that the Acts of Terror committed are somewhat justified and legitimate. You might even be inclined to furnish not only your sympathy, but perhaps even more?

    BTW, love your hand-drawn charts, man! Ever consideredshowing it on The Late Show with good ol’ Dave?

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