Words Thais Cannot Say in English

Here are some words that I’ve tried to teach Thais to say – and for the most part, they cannot say them correctly.

My friend Steve said his wife cannot say “squirrel”.

The or anything with ‘th’.

She – or anything with ‘sh’.

Six, sixth, or any ordinal number.

Skin – my wife says Skeeen.

You got any?

Author: Vern

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3 thoughts on “Words Thais Cannot Say in English”

  1. My favourite is the Thai attempt at “Scratch Dog” nightclub in Bangkok – usually comes out as SCAT dog!

    Mind you, this (and the examples above) come from Thais trying to learn English through the Thai transliteration of English words. A lot of English is incpmpatible with Thai script, and vice versa. I’d advise anyone learning either language to learn the script as quickly as possible because that’s the only true way to learn how to pronounce either.

    On a purely oral level, give any Thai, Chinese or Japanese the old “red lorry, yellow lorry” tongue twister! ;)

  2. Howzit Brudda Vern,
    Ho! You like words one Thai cannot say?
    mouse always pronounce as mao- like drunk.
    house pronounced hao.
    It might be an Isaan thing up here only I don’t know. But my students and my wife and daughter cannot pronounce “S” sounds too good especially if it in the center of a word like “mouse” and “house”.
    and some words like “teacher” they pronounce it with a Lao accent “teaser” or more like “teazer” I told a student yesterday no the “teazer” is in Laos. Here we have “teacher”.
    If I can remember anymore or hear one again I will let you know.

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