Big Green Caterpillars in Thailand (photos)

Driving the motorbike to the end of the soi I saw 4 of these amazing bright green caterpillars laying on the road near the curb. I didn’t pick them up at first but went to get my camera. By the time I came back 2 of them were run over by a motorbike and I grabbed these two and took them to photograph.

Nice colors. Anyone know what butterfly type this will turn into?

Author: Vern

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7 thoughts on “Big Green Caterpillars in Thailand (photos)”

  1. I’ve got these caterpillars that eat the leaves on my lime tree. I want to know what I can do to prevent them from doing so. I realise that this is their food, but at the rate they’re going the tree will be totally denuded. Preferably want a natural/organic rather than chemical method.

    1. Yes Andrew, the look very nice and disturbing there habitat is not good but have you seen in which speed they eat?
      A old remedy to prevent insects eating your plants is using a thick (natural) soap in water and spay it on the plants, this make them not eat “your” plants. Disadvantage is that you have to spray most of the time again direct after a rain.

      good luck

  2. today on 6 january, i found this green thai caterpillar in my garden.there were atleast five of them.they looked beautiful.i am keeping a close watch on soon as they go into the pupa stage and turn into a beautiful butterfly , i wiil take their photograhs on this website.please wait for two to three weeks more.i also have atleast ten of the oleander sphinx.

  3. A guy recently used my photo on his blog about what kind of moth this turns into – a supercool moth really! This is the caterpillar of the Oleander Sphinx moth — Daphnis nerii — a hawk-moth found from southern Europe to the subtropics of Africa and Asia. So he says. Apparently he said they squirt poison if molested. I was careful not to molest the ones I saw but the thought DID cross my mind – thinking, what could a caterpillar possibly do to me? Well, I knew the answer as a bright yellow and green flourescent one landed on me as I mowed the grass in Florida one time. It chemically burned the hell out of my leg as it got caught between my shorts and thigh. The color was like this color – but, it was hairy. I figured this one without hair – what could it do? Good thing I didn’t molest it.

  4. fantastic catch Vern! awesome photos of those little buggers. the fake eyes are amazing. most people never have noticed them…. great reporting.

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