Green Oriental Whip Snake


Found this on a hike today – amazing colors and patterns on this snake. The snake guy at says it’s a “Ahaetulla prasina (Oriental Whip snakes” and found all over Thailand. Mildly poisonous but only if you let him chew on you a while.

If you need to identify a snake – poisonous or otherwise – check out his site, he has photos of many of the snakes he has – and identifies others too. Great resource.

I’ll have videos of me playing with this snake up at my YouTube channel shortly: thaipulsedotcom

This snake is pretty harmless. Do you know about other Thailand snakes that can kill you? Here is some more information:

Thailand Snakes FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding Thailand’s poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes.

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4 thoughts on “Green Oriental Whip Snake”

  1. I was walking alone through a Nature Trail forest near the “7 waterfalls park” (I think-it’s been a lot of years ago) and this very lime green, pointy-faced snake about 3 1/2′ tall crossed the path about 5 feet in front of me. He was “walking” across this path on the back end of his tail! I stopped, he whipped his head and gave me such a look! I put out my hand and said: “You were here first! It’s your park.” and he continued across to the other side. It was very eerie and a bit mystical (no I don’t do drugs!) and sometimes I think I just imagined the whole thing but I will never forget the look in his eyes and how he flicked his tongue at me. Whew!

  2. Hello or should i say sourdeeka (sorry about spelling ha)

    Currently in Hua Hin Thailand, staying at Banyan resort. Came across the same snake on ground level it then went within a tree, my mother walked outside our condo and i heard her scream (typical woman), i had to investigate and i was informed of the snake, got a few interesting pics, never came across anything like this in England.

    Anyways fort i would share my story with you, keep the pics coming in and nice website.

    I post another comment informing you of the website i am going to post the pics on , if you would like the pictures please do not hesitate to contact me via email, and i will send you them i think i got 3-4.

    I think its a whip snake, the colour of it was grass green and had the same distinctive head.

    Anyways enjoy Thailand all, defiantly lovely country and cannot wait to come back out here again, im already dreading the cold weather and tramps in England :P

    1. These are really beautiful snakes – there are a couple of them that are very similar so I’d like to see your photos. I’ve emailed you about that already.

      If anyone has snake photos to send – send them in, I’d love to see them.



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