Hissing Beetle on the Back Patio (Video)

I love Thailand’s variety of wildlife if you haven’t noticed.

Yesterday I found a golden tree snake going across the street and a really cool caterpillar (pic below).

This morning I found another large beetle on the back patio area and when I tried to roll her over on her stomach again she hissed at me! I told my girlfriend and she said that it’s a sugarcane beetle, a female.

I ran and got the Sony Cybershot camera that wasn’t stolen during the robbery and did a short video-clip. You can hear it hiss. Is that cool or what? I know that not everyone is into this as much as me. But I do see the download numbers and I think it’s mostly 6th grade classes in the midwest that are downloading the wildlife videos.

No matter. At least we’re all on the same wave-length.

This hissing beetle .wmv clip is about 7Mb and should download quickly.

Author: Vern

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