Love them Tokay Geckos…

My mom on first coming to Hawaii was amazed at all the geek-os. She calls them geek-os to this day and no amount of correction ever takes hold. It’s hilarious to hear her say it.

We don’t have Tokay geckos in Hawaii, just the small “Gin Joke” type we have in Thailand. I really like these Tokay geckos – they’re all the more fascinating because they are usually hard to find, though they’re squawk is loud enough to be heard 50-100 meters away.

This one resides in the roof of an internet cafe I was going to for a while. It’s a foot long, easily. It’s thick and scary looking. I always need to use flash when I get a photo of them so the colors are influenced by the flash too much. Meaning – they’re skin flouresces – I think that’s how you spell that. And the flash captures that reflection – not the color of their skin in the natural light.

I’ve heard stories that these jump on you. Then I’ve had a 14 year old student tell me she picks the ones in her room up and puts them outside the window. So – what the truth is I don’t know. Anyone seen one jump on someone?

Author: Vern

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