Thailand Bird trying his Damnedest to Impress me…

Some birds are smart, they realize, since they’re in a cage that they might as well entertain passerby visitors. Especially if you’re a bird in a cage in a zoo that doesn’t get many visitors each day because it’s rainy season and there are maybe 30 people that pay the 10 baht to come in and peer past the fence and cages to see you…

This bird was right on the ball though.

This bird had the coolest sounds come out of him… and not just one chirp… You know, most birds have one chirp and even the most beautiful sounding chirp will get annoying after 75 times or so. This bird KNEW that, and he changed it up to keep me entertained! I wanted to throw him some Thai baht by the time I left!

There he was, trying his heart out – you can SEE IT! He’s using his entire body to perform for me, and it’s not going unappreciated… If I didn’t have the camera in my hand I’d have clapped it was so awesome.

Now, there is an ANNOYING as all hell bird on the right side that doesn’t understand performing… and that bird can go to hell for all I care, but the one on the left I wanted to rip the door off the cage and free his silly ass to let him fly through the sky again far away from his idiot cagemate he was unlucky enough to get stuck with.

Maybe he thought if he performed well enough he’d earn an escape… I’d feel so sorry for him being stuck with idiot bird that I’d free him…

Well, maybe I’ll go back and free him sometime when I get up that way next…

Thailand Bird Impressing the hell outta me video
( 4.6Mb, wmv file)

Here’s another video of a bird that wasn’t so smart… There I was, giving him part of my precious time to talk to him a little bit and he just wasn’t “getting it”… I gave up in frustration on that bird…

Not so smart bird in Thailand video

(3.5Mb wmv, file)


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