Thailand has BIG Wildlife… Jurassic Spider on my Porch

Big, hairy brown spider in ThailandIn keeping with the wildlife theme of late I had to get this video up.

I was going to grab some things off the clothes line (I’m so domestic), when I saw this thing hiding under a ridge from the rain.

It’s easily the largest spider I’ve seen in Thailand, and I think I’ve seen a fair number. Here’s a photo and video of it.

Has anyone seen one bigger than this in Thailand? I’m a real nut for spiders and snakes, centipedes and millipedes and things… If you have any photos or videos send me them and I’ll get them up on my site.

Click the photo on the right to see it BIG-SIZE.

Download the video below:

Big, hairy, brown Thailand spider video >
(7.9Mb, wmv)

Thailand Snakes FAQ >

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  1. I hate spiders. I live in northern atmosphere and here there are no poisonous or big spiders here. I will never go to Thailand because of those giant bugs and spiders. Aracnofobia is stupid but I cannot help it.

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