Thailand Herpetologists? Herpers? Enthusiasts?

Looking to connect with people interested in herping in Thailand, or possibly interested in joining a project I’m starting soon.

Basically I need a herpetologist with a lot of time to review – and help clarify what is truth and fiction regarding the snakes of Thailand, and eventually, southeast Asia, and the world… It’s a big project. One need not help constantly, but, if you were on the board for this non-profit – then that would help immensely.

If you have an interest in snakes – I mean an almost crazy interest, and you might consider helping on a project that will help many people across the world – I’d love to hear from you.

My email is:

Here’s another article about this snake project.

Author: Vern

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One thought on “Thailand Herpetologists? Herpers? Enthusiasts?”

  1. Hi Vern, Glad you made it clear your lookimg for snake people. I miss the days of old when your blog covered bar girls,ladyboys,Genital herpes & HIV. I hope you find the snake folks your looking for. I really got a kick out of your “Do Mommy AND Me?” post too. The US was going to charge Thailand with war crimes at the the end of WW II but the OSS prevailed and got the war crimes charges dropped in return for OSS and later CIA bases in Thailand. Ahh the good old days. Well enough of days gone by. Please give my regards to evereyone at your house.
    Best wishes always,

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