Thailand Monkeys – Dangerous? – VLOG 9

This is video blog 9.

My first experience with monkeys was south of Bangkok – I can’t even remember the name of the place. Anything between Bangkok and Surat is just best forgotten – with 2 exceptions… Hua Hin – which I found almost livable. And, Prachuap Khiri Khan – a great view and lunches – dinners on the beach. Very nice spot. Few foreigners. I digress…

Monkeys in Thailand are usually the sort in the photo above. What kind of monkeys are they? I don’t have the slightest idea. I know snakes, not monkeys. Anything that resembles humans and has hair all over – is a monkey for all my intentions and purposes.

Tourists ask me all the time – is that a macaw? Is that a gibbon? I just say – “Yes it is” to avoid any further conversation about it.

Monkeys are tricky suckers. Contrary to popular belief – monkeys are stupid, not smart. They’re smart when you compare them to goldfish – but, that’s it. They’re so stupid they rip open soda cans with their teeth instead of popping the top. Same with plastic juice bottles – just rip it open and juice spills all over them. Monkeys are crass, foul beasts.

Do monkeys in Thailand bite?

Hell yeah they do.

I just realized I’m going to cover everything I cover on the video. The purpose of the video is so I don’t have type my fingers down to nubs everyday.


Monkeys bite.

How you act affects how monkeys respond.

Monkeys steal things right off your body – learn how to protect it.

Check out the Thailand monkey video –

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  1. Monkey’s are little a-holes. I use to think they were cute, but then I moved to Thailand. They are grabby and if they want something they will take it. God forbid you try to hold onto whatever a monkey is trying to take from you, you’ll get a nice bite in return.

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