Thailand Python Eats a Kid!

Thailand python head

Thailand python ate kid

I ate dinner at a favorite lakefront restaurant last night and on the way back I saw a crowd gathered around a large portrait of the Queen of Thailand… I kept going. It was the Queen’s Birthday. As I sat at the stop light something wasn’t right… Why were they all looking down? It was more like there was something to see there… I turned around and so glad I did.

On the ground in front of the crowd was a 5 meter long python with a rope around his neck and gigantic bulge in it’s belly. I asked what did it eat – everyone kept saying “pet”. Whose pet? A dog? No, pet. A cow? No, pet. Someone said the Muslims make curry out of pet. HUH? Chicken? Mussaman curry… damn, what am I food expert? I went through charades with the Thais gathered around because nobody knew the word in English.

I asked – does it have 4 legs – yes. Wings? No. Pet is also duck… not a duck. Chicken (or a whole hen-house?)? No. Dog? No.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what in this snakes stomach. Finally a girl came that knew the word for pet in English – goat.

Is a baby goat a kid? I think so… if not – apologies for the sensationalism.

Damn, it swallowed a whole GOAT? That’s why you don’t let your kids run through the jungle in Thailand. Or maybe that’s why you don’t run through the jungle either. The poisonous Thailand snakes are really interesting – but snakes that could eat you are also high on my list.

I’ll get video up on my YouTube channel in a few days…

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6 thoughts on “Thailand Python Eats a Kid!”

  1. Nasty buggers? Mate thats nature only the strongest survive, a good animal is an animal that does as nature intended it to do.

  2. Vern that’s one cracking photo (the bottom one), I’m petrified of snakes but if I had seen this I would have positioned myself at the back of the crowd and got a few shots myself.

    Petrified…I looked at the King Cobra video on your YouTube channel, the one where you creaked open the gate. I got to the minute mark and gave up, I thought the hairs on the back of my neck might fall out.

    Great post.

    1. I figured the snake guy would pull me out if I did anything too stupid. I guess being that close WAS too stupid, but he let me do as I wished. I think they think I know what the hell I’m doing because I go there and play with the snakes a lot. With the kings – that was my first up close experience.

  3. Last night my husband and I went out into the yard to find our little cat being constricted by a large snake that I think was the same as this one. So this a python right? He threw a dog bowl at it and it let him go and slithered over the fence. Sadly our cat was already dead. A little while ago we found the same kind of snake in our yard and the mooban guards came and took it away. I guess that should have been a warning for us. We have a godlen retriever, a shi-tzu and another cat and I just don’t know what I can do to protect them, apart from keep them inside all the time.

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