Thailand Snakes FAQ Page

I created a Thailand Snakes FAQ page to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about snakes in Thailand – especially the poisonous (venomous) varieties.

If there’s anything else on the page you think needs mentioned about snakes in Thailand – do let me know, it’s a work in progress. Would love to hear from the snake guys around Thailand if they want to add anything to the list – will put your quote on the page if you like.

Also creating Thailand cobras pages and possibly more pages since snakes seem to be my focus lately.

Thailand Snakes Frequently Asked Questions >

Author: Vern

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6 thoughts on “Thailand Snakes FAQ Page”

  1. I live in phuket.i have something in my apt.that keeps eating my bananas.could it be a kind of gekko.or

  2. Hi Vern, thank you for your interesting post on snakes in Thailand. Especially the link to all the poisonous versus non poisonous ones. Its a pity that the photos aren’t more detailed as I am still having a problem identifying snakes that I’ve seen around Thailand. I think all schoolchildren should be taught which ones are dangerous and which are not !! as it seems that ANY snake seen in or near to any homes is just KILLED anyway, whether it is dangerous or not. I have taken a few photos of snakes in the local zoos but they don’t indicate which are the dangerous ones either. Thank you.

    1. Hi Ray,

      I agree, there should be a place I could send you to see detailed photos of the poisonous snakes that shows them from a couple angles and tells you the difference between those that look similar – like the wolf snake and Malaysian Krait – both have white/black bands. One can kill you very quickly, and the other isn’t poisonous. Same with the yellow/black Malaysian Krait and the Mangrove Snake – to someone that doesn’t know the thickness of the bands mattters a LOT – a mangrove snake might scare the hellouttaya.

      Thanks for commenting…

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