Thailand Wildlife: Tokay Gecko in Ceiling

The other night I was pouring some water and almost jumped as something crawled out of the ceiling above my head.

Awesome… I was looking at a big 11-inch Tokay Gecko (Gecko gekko) that was partly still inside the hole the rain had made… I asked wifey to video as I attempted to catch it.

I’m Afraid of it Because:

  1. A couple different Thais have told me they bite and don’t let go.
  2. Also, I was told they jump on your face if you’re too close.
  3. The only other lizard that looks like this to me is a Gila Monster and they’re actually venomous – and have decent teeth.
  4. I’ve never seen one close-up because they’re always too high to reach.
  5. I’m used to dealing with snakes with big teeth and his head looks just like a viper.

Anyway, here’s the video and some pictures to follow it.

Big Tokay Gecko in Thailand.

Tokay gecko with mouth open, defending self.

Author: Vern

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22 thoughts on “Thailand Wildlife: Tokay Gecko in Ceiling”

  1. Hii Where are you? May I know that if you really have that animal because i want to buy it from you. Can you give me a contact number please because i really want t buy it. My contact number is +****0866.

  2. Hi, I also have one Tokey Gecko at my house. it gives out a loud sound during night or everytime i turn off the light. It used to be very shy and run away in the presence of human but after one accident that it accidentally drop from the ceiling and i think it suffer some shock and cannot move i help to nurse it until it gets better. We’ll now i think hes around 11-12 inch long and i can be in quite close range with him (like a feet) and we would just stare at each other. LOL! funny thing is, sometimes i think the color of the eyes, spots and skin can change.. weird..

    1. Hi Jezz,

      WHere are you – in Thailand? I don’t know about changing color – maybe they can. The ones I see seem to always look the same, but, maybe I’m missing something. Thanks for your comment.

      1. Helo Vern,

        I’m in Sabah, Malaysia. The Gecko in my house is different than what you have. Not sure what the exact species for it though since i never found any matching type in internet.

        1. ok the – maybe it can change colors. I’ve seen some cool tokays that were much different than the one i caught. I saw a beautiful one on a mountain once – here in TH. A leopord Tokay maybe? Big head, smaller body – about 9 inches long.

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