Tokay Geckos Gekko For Sale $300K – Market Exploding

1,000 gram Tokay Geckos are being bought in Malaysia for RM 1 Million. That’s over $300,000 USD. I thought it was a joke when someone emailed me to tell me they’d pay gonzo money for the tokay gekko I caught.

I have a video on Youtube ( HERE )about me catching a foot long Tokay Gecko in my kitchen here in Thailand. I knew nothing about the beasts except they make the coolest noises. I don’t mind the squawks at all – never did. For some people it’s annoying. I don’t get why. Anyway.

When I first moved to Thailand I was talking to the guy I was renting a room off of – outside the house. His back was to the wall and it was night time. We had talked about 20 minutes. I had glanced up above his head about 5 times at the massive beast stuck to the wall just 2 feet above his head. I thought it was a plastic gecko the owner of the house nailed in there.

Then it moved and I jumped back, falling into the bushes behind me.


As calm as anything, Mick turned up to look and said, “Yeah, those things are all over the house – you’ll get used to them. They’re tokay geckos.”

“Huh? Get used to them? Aren’t we going to beat it with a stick?”

Mick said nothing more about the thing. I kept my windows open that night because they had strong screens. It was about 0330 hours when we got back from a night on Soi Bangla in Patong. I was so tired I didn’t shower or remove my clothes – just hit the lights and crashed on the bed.

All the sudden a squawk from the bowels of hell made me freeze in my bed and say in my loudest whisper…


The Tokay on the wall above Mick’s head was now, apparently inches from my window. I woke up about 25 times that night – each time I heard that thing scream. He was massive – biggest I’ve seen to date yet. Easily 1 kilogram (1,000 grams).

I’ve been getting blitzed with offers to buy the Thailand Tokay Gecko I have in my video for absurd amounts of cash. I was sure it was a group of kids that were Fooking around. Then last night I did some searching on tokay geckos on Google and I found out that there seems to be some kind of underground market for big (over 300 gram) tokay geckos. There were offers of RM 100,000 ($30,000 USD) and up. For the biggest, some buyers will pay 1 Million MR (Malaysian Ringgit).

Now, the “why”.

Apparently some idiot told a bunch of people dying with AIDS that the only way to CURE IT was by eating the TONGUE of the Tokay Gecko. Yeah, no joke. The tongue cures AIDS.

Amazing what people will believe, yes?

So, the Tokay is DOOMED in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, every damn place. There are bands of Tokay collectors coming into southern Thailand with the sole purpose of finding tokay geckos to take back into Malaysia to sell to this market of people dying of AIDS.

A couple more of my Tokay Gecko videos:

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12 thoughts on “Tokay Geckos Gekko For Sale $300K – Market Exploding”

  1. If you are not a scammer and someone is trying to buy it from you for $80,000, they are probably trying to flip it and make money on it by selling to one of those people offering millions. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that it cures AIDS (started in 2009). Right now everyone wants to be rich so they will do whatever to get their hands on a gecko and try to make money on it. I was serious when I wrote that I can get into my car, drive 5 miles and buy a gecko for $40 right now. In some parts of the US you can buy 4 tokay geckos and a cage for $75. I feel sorry for the wild geckos in your part of the world that are being hunted to extinction because of this craze. Maybe the guy that started this rumor didn’t like the way the geckos eyes moved so he figured out a way to wipe them off the planet… :D

  2. this is scam folks, there are buyers al over when you look for a gecko tokay suddenly there will be a buyer, when you buy the tokay for cheaper, the big buyer disappears, and you have a expensive tokay gecko as pet that will be dead when you can’t feed him.

      1. I get it…

        Basically a rumor started that tokay geckos cure AIDS. People started catching them and selling them. The rumor spread and soon buyers like the ones above started to show up offering RM1.3 mil for a 400 gram.

        Now I decide that I want to get rich so I decide to find a cheap gecko in a classified ad and turn around and sell it for the higher price. I buy a gecko for half the price I think I can sell it for a profit. But now my big buyer is gone because he was part of the scam.

        In the US I can buy a tokay gecko for 50 USD. That’s 324 RMB, 1519 THB, 62 SGD…

        1. Is that it? So people can offer me $80,000 USD for my gecko and then get screwed later? I’m not part of the scam… they’re just buying it from me for an absurd amount of money… how do the scammers make any $ if they just refuse to buy this same gecko off the guy that bought from me for 80k?

  3. ****
    sent email picture ..
    i have buyer contact for u
    how much did u want for gecko
    1stp i want see the tokay gecko ..with date new(today),time,weight and long
    price u can demand….

  4. http://*****

    -700gm=Dari B$25J
    -800gm=Dari B$35J
    -900gm=Dari B$55J


  5. Dear Tokay Gecko Owner,
    If you want to sell tokay gecko .

    We can help ! by helping you get a the best price in the market if you agree .

    how it work.

    1 . Please feed the gecko beford take the photo the tokay gecko on a weight machine write the date on a piece of paper send the photo by mms to us . ( this how to prove it weight has 400g and above )

    2 . If the buyer want to buy the gecko i will inform the price to you in cash ( Malaysia Ringgit RM ) if both side agree the price .( all deal in malaysia or jakarta )

    Tekay Gecko Price List in Red or Orange Sport ( Price In Malaysia )
    4 0 0 g – 4 0 9 g Offer Price RM 1 . 3 Million or more
    4 1 0 g – 4 1 9 g Offer Price RM 1 . 4 Million or more
    4 2 0 g – 4 5 0 g Offer Price RM 2 Million or more
    4 5 1 g – 5 0 0 g Offer Price RM 3 . 5 Million or more
    5 0 1 g – 5 5 0 g Offer Price RM 7 . 5 Million or more
    5 5 1 g – 6 0 0 g Offer Price RM 1 0 . 5 Million or more
    6 0 1 g – 6 9 9 g Offer Price RM 1 3 . 5 Million or more
    7 0 0 g – 7 9 9 g Offer Price RM 1 8 . 5 Million or more
    8 0 0 g – 8 9 9 g Offer Price RM 2 4 Million or more
    9 0 0 g – 1 K g Offer Price RM 3 5 Million or more

    1. Can i know are you in Malaysia ? Do you have any contact no ? I have 420gm X 1 & 435gm X 1 = 2 units , my contact no in Malaysia 019-??????? and my email: ????? , please do not hesitate to reply me , thank you…

      (edited by admin to remove contact info)

  6. You mention someone called you offering you a prize for your gecko.. Can I get the buyer’s number?

  7. The guy taking the photograph should know that the tokay gecko is a nocturnal animal. That flash is really hurting it. Fool.

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