Visitor from Malaysia Coming! I’m Excited…

There’s nothing quite like an unexpected guest coming to stay for a week… I really enjoy it. In this case she’s really beautiful… I saw her today. Maybe she’s about a year old I’m guessing. 2/3 of a meter and a bit chubby and just shed her skin…

I’m speaking of the Calloselasma rhodostoma or, as Thais say, “ngu gap pa”.

A beautiful specimen of Malaysian Pit Viper of course. I didnt have a good box to get her in today, but will find her again tomorrow.

I’m really excited about this snake because I’ve only seen one other in the wild – a baby and it was night time and it skirted across the road next to my motorbike. I could clearly see the triangle pattern on it’s back but it had a LOT of energy and I didn’t think I could get it without being bitten – having no stick or anything to work with.

I’ll bring my snake stuff tomorrow and grab her. These snakes are virtually slugs… they stay in one spot and don’t move much. Even after biting someone and going through that stress – they can usually be caught in the same place they started.

Amaaaaazing snake the Malay Pit Viper. Quite venomous. Quite a biter. Quite deadly. Stay tuned at my YouTube Channel for when I get some video footage of her. I figure a day or so…

Time to read all available information on these snakes…

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3 thoughts on “Visitor from Malaysia Coming! I’m Excited…”

  1. You’re way braver than I am Vern. The only poisonous snake I’ve ever seen is a cobra…we were both quite shocked to see each other and I rapidly changed my plans of heading to the beach on that little jungle path and headed back the other way. I certainly never considered poking at the sucker with a stick.

    Enjoy your new friend and be safe.

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