Amazing Places to Visit – Wat Larn Kuad

Bottle temple in Sisaket, Thailand at Wat Larn Kuad (Million Bottle Temple)
Bottles at Wat Larn Kuad - Million Bottle Temple in Sisaket, Thailand

Wat million bottle – is a wat in Thailand’s Sisaket province that was built using a lot of bottles. Whether it’s a million or not, I don’t know. I’m guessing 1.5 to 2 million. The place is absolutely covered in bottles.

I’ll have a video up of it in a few days or weeks – depending when I get some fast internet.

Go south to Khun Han from Sisaket following 221 to 2111 (shortcut). Once in Khun Han go almost to the roundabout and turn right at the school. Go down that alley about 150 meters and make a left. Go 100 m and make a right into the temple grounds.

A cool place to have a look at. They get a decent amount of foreigners. While I was there I saw 3 farangs with 3 bargirl girlfriends or wives that took them there.

You know bargirls… tattoos, dressing slutty at a temple…

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