Thailand National Parks to Raise Foreign Entrance Fee to 400 Thai Baht?

I just heard this from my girlfriend who told me that the parks service at Phi Phi told a friend of hers that it’s already been approved by Thailand’s legislature – whomever that may be right now.

400 Thai baht ($12 USD) to get into a National Park to see a waterfall is not a fair price I hate to say. I would think virtually no foreigners that are living in Thailand will be going often to the parks at that rate. Right now that’s $12.00 USD. For a couple coming to Thailand – that’s $24.00! hahahha! To see a WATERFALL? Oh man. That’s not going to work well. TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS?

Also, they are raising the price for Thai tourists that want to see the national parks – well, in theory they are – in reality it wouldn’t make a difference if they charged the Thais’ 400 baht also because,

“Thai people do not PAY a fee when they visit the national parks” in Suratthani and Krabi provinces

It’s the truth – I’ve seen hundreds of Thai people walk right through the gate – before and after I pay.

I pay and I pay for whomever I’m with and nobody else does. If another foreigner arrived, he or she would also pay and pay for any Thais’ that came with him or her.

Living in Thailand and making the wages foreigners do – about 30,000 baht per month – it’s just too expensive to consider. There are many other free places to go see… Or, just go to the park early before they open and walk right in for free. Lol. Hard to do in Phi Phi island – but, rent a kayak… save you and your wife $24.00. That would even pay for your kayak rental.

Man… Can Thailand dick it up anymore than they are lately? Are they doing ANYTHING right?

Anything? Does anyone know one thing they are doing the right way? Please comment…

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