Is Bangkok Dangerous?

Many people are writing to ask me if Bangkok is dangerous at this point.

That’s a big – YES.

Should you continue with your plans to come to Bangkok during 2008? At this point I’d say no, just cancel plans, it’s too dangerous. If you’re going to lose your life savings – then up to you. Bangkok isn’t a playground without danger lately and most say it will get worse as PAD has upped the ante with a takeover of the other Bangkok Airport – Don Muang as of midnight last night. Bangkok airports are dangerous now.

Maybe later the train station and bus stations will be affected too? Whose to say? Anything can happen at this point in Bangkok as it gets more and more dangerous.

Bangkok isn’t dangerous in the sense that you’re going to be sought-out as a specific target for pro- or anti-government protestors (PAD) but, the possibility of being in the wrong place at a dangerous time does exist.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and as such this is where demonstrations are held between groups that wish to sway the government or replace the government as is the present movement’s goal.

Is being in Bangkok dangerous for those of you passing through on the train or buses? I’d still have to say – yes, right now – it’s a bit dangerous. Maybe Chiang Mai is dangerous too. A pro-government group there pulled a radio station owner out of his car and executed him – presumably for allowing anti-government talk on his station. Chiang Mai was dangerous for him.

The chance of being caught in cross-fire or a stampede if the military or police are forced to take action isn’t anything you probably want to experience.

Bangkok is dangerous through 2008 as far as I can see. Cancel your plans through December, wait and see if January is going to be any better.

For a current state of the country – see the ultimate Thailand Guide – Thai Black Book – your guide to staying safe in Thailand

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4 thoughts on “Is Bangkok Dangerous?”

  1. A lot has happened since this post. Is it safe to go now? Yes, for now (12/10/08). The government is maybe coming together and will form a new government from a coalition. For now – VISIT! No demonstrations and the airports are open.

  2. Thai Consulate in Brisbane Australia said it was safe to travel, so we just arrived in Thailand 6am 9th December. Bangkok Airport was unexpected and very simple for us. Nothing to Declare – no queues – in a Limo headed to Don Muang domestic airport within 30mins of landing! Maybe paid too much 1300 bht for the taxi/limo, but so happy to be so easy. Now in Udon Thani and loving it. Very sweet people and place, everyone want to talk and much smiles all round. Glad to be here and expect to stay indefinitely. Feel Buddha essentially present. Looking forward to more exploring. Thanks for the great site.

    1. It’s hard to say if Bangkok will get dangerous in the future. Tourists are never targeted (cross your fingers), but occasionally someone gets hurt. I really recommend to stay away from Bangkok – but Bangkok is a large part of the reason so many tourists come to Thailand. I can’t stand the city myself, but millions love it.

      There is a lot to see in Thailand, if Bangkok seems dicey, go to Chiang Mai or Phuket. Hua Hin is even quite the thriving tourist city.

      Thaksin hasn’t stopped fighting – and he and his red-shirts will probably take their turn protesting the newly formed government… then, who knows?

      Most tourists going to Bangkok won’t really be affected by future protests unless someone is dumb enough to try to take over the airport again. I think that was a one-time deal because the tourists won’t even let that happen again – they’ll remove whoever is there by themselves. That caused way too much loss. We’re still feeling it. Patong, though it has some visitors probably doesn’t have many 1st timers. Heck, the country probably doesn’t have many first timers. Even veterans considered changing plans and going to Philippines or Cambodia for their annual 4-8 month stays.

      Anyway – it’s still pretty safe at the moment, and I don’t think anyone should cancel plans – but, stay out of Bangkok to make sure…

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