Suvarnabhumi Airport Closed and Bombs Exploding

Apparently 3 or 4 bombs have gone off (conflicting reports) at the airport and there are still 3,000 travelers stranded at the airport, some 7,000 of them being transferred to Don Muang Airport. Numerous reports of grenades being thrown into the crowds of protesters are also being reported.

Australia, Malaysia and Russia are the latest countries to issue travel warnings for Thailand. Singapore Airlines have canceled all flights to TH.

The current Thai PM is said to be in Thailand already by some, and others say he’s arriving this evening by Peru, flying to Chiang Mai, and then back to Bangkok in a military jet where he’ll hold a meeting to declare the state of emergency. He will declare a state of emergency because PAD (People’s Alliance for Democracy) is shutting down the country, as he called it.

When that happens the police and military will be mobilized to take control of government buildings taken over by PAD. Military leaders have continually denied plans for a coup.

I’d say today wouldn’t be a good time to come to Thailand. Arrivals are being taken at Don Muang Airport, after being redirected from Suvarnabhumi. There are no flights leaving Suvarnabhumi as far as I’ve heard this morning.

If you’re still coming to Thailand – and some of you WILL, I know… be prepared for lengthy delays, and possible danger in the streets as the people of Bangkok that oppose all the commotion caused by PAD may begin fighting back. PAD may also step up the drama before the state of emergency is declared.

Meanwhile Thaksin has been “banned” from calling in during this crisis, but vows to return to politics because the people need him to get Thailand back on track! That’s what he said anyway.

Is that what Thailand needs, Thaksin to return to get the country going again?

I think he’d need to worry about someone taking him out as the opposition is furious at him (finally) for corruption displayed on so many levels and his refusal to even acknowledge that he did anything wrong.

What do I think will happen? Hmm. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that in the next few months – Thaksin returns, the economy gets better – a little better, and then nearly everyone overlooks his transgressions in the short-term because the country is doing better economically and he’s playing it pretty straight from now forward. I think he’s had a good scare being in the UK and then being rejected. He’s living in Dubai for god’s sakes. I think when he comes back – and he will, that he’ll be Thailand’s savior… at least in the short-term and at least according to appearances.

Thais don’t have this strong idea that people need to really pay for their transgressions – once they’re known to the public the charges – the implementation of any punishment usually just sort of goes away – unless you’re a drug dealer. So, unless Thaksin brings back a planeload of cocaine I think he’s going to be the leader again and not suffer and real consequences for his past actions at all.

What do you think?

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One thought on “Suvarnabhumi Airport Closed and Bombs Exploding”

  1. I can’t believe that the PM hasn’t made the police/military take charge of the situation by ARRESTING ALL OF THE PAD MEMBERS. PAD = People Attacking Democracy.

    We flew out of Suvarnabhumi Sunday afternoon, so it was a close escape.

    The current situation is riddiculous. And that was just my two pennies. ;)

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