Cities I Cannot Live In – In Thailand

I don’t like big cities. I moved to Thailand, in part, to escape them.

Bangkok is entirely out of the question – always was. It’s a better big city than New York City, but still – way too big for me. I did my time in NYC and won’t go back to breathing the vehicle fumes again.

Chiang Mai is out for that reason – too many cars, too much traffic, polluted air – no thanks.

Recently we checked out Khon Kaen. It’s a GIANT city. I had no idea. I thought it would be like Ubon Ratchathani. NO. It is about 9 times bigger than Ubon, and the people not nearly as nice.

We hit Korat – Nakhon Ratchasima. It’s also much too big. I don’t think it’s even as big as Khon Kaen, but it’s still too big. People are nice, traffic sucks – yes, it’s the holidays, but still… the place has 6 lane roads – maybe 8 in some places. Too big.

Phuket, I thought would be good to live in – before we had a baby. Now – it’s much too congested during high-season.

Songklha – I’ve never stayed in for long. Witht he ongoing violence it’s not likely we’ll move down there to raise our happy family.

I think that’s about it – the big cities of Thailand that I simply cannot live in.

Oh – Pattaya. I don’t really consider that a big city, but I guess it is. No, I wouldn’t consider living there either. How someone spends their life in Pattaya – I’ll never know.

Author: Vern

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2 thoughts on “Cities I Cannot Live In – In Thailand”

  1. In what way is Bangkok better than New York?

    You could try Koh SAmui – it’s big enough that you can live on the north shore and it’s not the touristy, hell you can get a little house back in the jungle and spend a few days thinking you’re Swiss family Robinson even, but then a little drive to a nice clean Big C etc. or go to a English or Aussie run pub in the touristy side. I lived in Mai Nam on the north shore for a while and it was a nice balance – plus really good hospital on the island – two of them in fact. Clean air – you’re in the gulf of Thailand and it’s a quick and fairly cheap flight to BKK if you need to do some big city stuff. Also it makes a nice drive as Hau Hin is about half way so you drive half a day or so and over night it in Hau Hin if you don’t want to push on with the big drive since you have a young child, as we did.

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