Is Your Thai Tee-Rak Capable of Killing You?

3 Thai girls 30 and under are prime suspects in the death of a Dutch man in Pattaya. Apparently the man took a cell phone from one of them, in an attempt to keep her from going back to the bar to work.

She hit him in the head with a metal pipe and then stabbed him in the throat. He died in the restroom. They set his house on fire.

If you go to the site that had the story: you’ll see the photos of these girls.

Don’t they look like any other Thai girl you see on the streets here? Might you date one of these girls at some point? Are you dating one NOW? Thais are different than westerners. We all know that. But, where they’re remarkably different is when they get upset. They seem to lose all common sense once they go over the edge. They are completely irrational and incapable of thinking at that point. They are what we would say in the states, momentarily insane. They really are. How could a guy taking a phone from someone lead to a metal pipe to the head and a “sword” through the neck? (which I think they meant, knife as that what was in the photo.)

I’ve noticed it a lot over the years – when Thais’ flip – they flip the hell out. They are inconsolable and they seem incapable of stopping their tirade until someone is dead.

Just another reason to avoid bar girls and ladyboys in the sex-tourist areas. Many of them are on drugs. Many of them think violence is acceptable. You’ve seen like I have the number of tourists being beat up and killed lately. Sure, maybe we’re hearing about it more – but that doesn’t negate the high levels. It’s happening. It’s happening often.

Author: Vern

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9 thoughts on “Is Your Thai Tee-Rak Capable of Killing You?”

  1. If you took the time to understand the human condition, everyone has it within them the basic emotions, some emotions, we know are shared by animals, and thusly we as humans, are compared. What differs between us and most animals, is empathy. Most would see a death as a tragedy, though, for example, we train our soldiers to see death as honor or at least necessity, whether it be their own or the “enemy”. The crux lies in the belief of the continuation of “life” after death, simply because the unknown is the most frightening dream imaginable. Dream your own dream, and live by it. Do not expect or impose your dream on anyone else, for fear your dream may be realized quicker than you hope.

    1. Hi Joe,

      Thanks for this… is this comment in response to my post? I’m trying to figure out how… interesting anyway…

  2. Read somewhere that when Thai fight they don’t fight to win, they fight to kill

    When you lady stops smiling LEAVE quietly.

  3. ha! not like knives! That’s good. Does he throw back? lol… you don’t have to answer… thanks for sharing the dirty stuff. :) Vern

  4. yeah, I throw stuff. Not like knives or that stuff, but like, mobile phones… *smiling very innocently*

    …and pillows. :)

  5. Hi Line – yeah – you know I think Thais hold it for as long as they can… then explode in a fury. Had a wife like that once… She just flipped and started throwing magazines at me from across the room and screaming. She’d always been so sweet… What was my crime? Silence. I was meditating a LOT and the need to speak just wasn’t there much. I understand why she couldn’t take it… Don’t know if I could have if the situation was reversed. You throw stuff, huh Line? :)

  6. 555555 I have that gene too, although I don’t think I could kill someone in my frenzies… but breaking things and throwing stuff is not unheard of in our little world… Gonna send the post to my bf, so he can see I’m not the only loon….

    …On second thoughts, maybe not.

    Great post, Vern! :O)

  7. You’re right on that point – I don’t read any Oddly Enough stuff or News of the Weird or anything like that. But, I regularly check in at the Pattaya City News site as there’s non-stop nuttiness going on in Pattaya even now during the slow season. Guess the money gets tight for those that don’t know how to save it during high season.

    The main point I was trying to get at was that Thai people in particular are NUTS when they lose it. They can’t think rationally. In America we might lose it and attack someone – but at somepoint – probably when bottles break to be used to gouge out innards someone says, oh wait a second – it’s nothing to die over.

    Here it everything is something to die over.

    Thanks for the comment – going to see your site in a second here… – Vern

  8. Maybe you don’t read enough Oddly Enough Reuters news. Stuff like this happens all the time in the US and Europe.

    You’ll read about a son killing his parents over a soda. Some people are just off balanced.

    That’s not to say that Thai bar girls (and some non-bar girls) aren’t a little off their rocker but it’s not like strange stuff like this doesn’t happen all over.

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