One Week in Pattaya. You’ve Gotta Love This Stuff or WHY Live There?



Woman badly hurt in Third Road attempted Necklace Snatch.

Man apparently hangs himself only 7 days after the death of his father.

Two men arrested following bizarre incident on Jomtien Beach.
Two Chinese Tourists caught smoking Marijuana in Disco Car Park.


Man arrested following attempted theft of Air Con compressors from house owned by Father-in-Law of former Thai Prime Minister.

Police hunt gang following apparent random shooting spree.

Lucky House Owner avoids possible death as construction site debris falls on his house.
Highway Police catch suspected drug dealer.


Underage Bar Workers as young as 8 years old found in Sunee Plaza Police Operation.

Sri Lankan Tourist hurt in road accident on Pattaya Second Road.

Out-of-control Crane causes drain-cover damage in Soi Kow Noi.
Man arrested at South Pattaya Restaurant for impersonating a Police Officer.


Elvis “leaves the building” as hundreds attend the final cremation of well known Elvis impersonator.

Heart-broken German cuts his wrist and throat in North Pattaya Convenience Store.

Pleasure Boat sinks following Engine Room Fire. Crew and passengers rescued unharmed.
Tourist Police raid Gay Pub in Central Pattaya.


Two-Day Anti-Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol, and AIDS Awareness Seminar Commences.

Police Have Plenty of Reasons as to Why Local Businessman Murdered.

Two Women Killed in High Speed Car Crash.
Daytime Shooting Mystery.


Man shot dead in front of his family-owned shop at the Niran Grand Condo.

Epileptic Fit thought to have caused man to drown in village pond.

18 year old shot after he rescues his younger brother from gang.
Glue sniffers caught attempting to steal man-hole covers from local school.


11,400 Yabba Tablets seized in two related cases in Banglamung.

86 year old Hong Kong Tourist in critical condition following near-drowning at Larn Island.

Italian drugged and robbed by woman in Central Pattaya Apartment.
Suspect caught following theft of 50,000 Baht’s worth of hose attachments from the Royal Garden Plaza.

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