Pattaya Beach, Thailand! So much to do!

I like Pattaya for certain things.  The food.

There's a wide range of food to eat compared to Isaan. Many places to drink coffee and read the newspaper… type up blogs on the notebook computer.  Pattaya has a couple good spots for wireless internet, but what's really great is that the EDGE service from AIS works well. I can plug my phone in by cable to the notebook and use it as a modem for the next 7 hours (as long as the notebook is plugged in because without that – it lasts about 90 minutes before it dies.)

The discos are very fun – Lucifer's was great last time I was here, though I've not been back since. Too busy just people watching. MAN there is a lot to watch here, as you might imagine.

I like to grab a pizza at Pizza Company and watch all the people go by and come in the shopping center. There are so many types of guys that come here from overseas, and even many women and families too!  WHO in their right mind brings their family and kids to Pattaya?  It seems like about 5% of Europeans visiting.  I am not sure I've seen American families here, though I'm sure they come. How do you talk your wife into that one? 

Honey – I decided we need a vacation this year…

OH GREAT! she says…

Let's go where there are more whores and whoremongerers gathered in one place than perhaps anywhere else in the entire world.  He offers.

*)#)(#($(%)_!  she INVARIABLY says…

How does a guy turn THAT around and get a "yes"?  Tell her that there's great shopping and she can shop all day if she'll just leave him alone for a couple hours with "the boys at the bar"???

If a guy CAN'T get some free time from the spouse and kids how would he be able to STAND THE PRESSURE of coming here and seeing every other guy with testosterone going with 15-50 girls during their 2 week stay?

These are things I wonder about as I sit in this fine coffee house and the girl serving me coffee is flirting with me – thinking I'm going to give her my hotel room number…

Ahhh, Pattaya… so much to do…

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  1. Really? That’s incredible! I guess it’s part of the whole “quest for better farang visitors” revolution going on in the eyes of some in power that want to change the image (face) of Thailand in light of some of the derelicts that have been found here. There ARE family spots here in Thailand – but Pattaya shouldn’t be anywhere on that list. It has a beach, yes. But that doesn’t make it a spot to bring your family.

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