Pattaya Man Kills Self with Cobra?

I’m not saying that is what happened, but lets look at what was said in the various Thailand news media.

Here’s my full article on it:

Norwegian Expat in Thailand Dies by Cobra Bite ->

What do you think?

Was he tired of life and preferred suicide by cobra?

Was he confident he wouldn’t die from the 2nd bite because he’d been bitten already once before?

Was he overcome by an allergic reaction and died so quickly he couldn’t do anything – even climb out of bed?

Death by cobra, if done right, is not all that bad. Better to have chosen a krait or a king cobra because the venom is not really hemotoxic and cytotoxic – and causes little pain at the bite site. In fact, kill yourself with a Bungarus multicinctus (Multi-banded krait; Many banded Krait) or Blue Krait (Malayan Krait) – Bungarus candidus, and you’ll probably have one of the most relaxing, peaceful, even BLISSFUL deaths possible.

The neurotoxic venoms of the kraits and cobras work on the nerve connections, rendering them inoperable. The muscles cannot get the impulses that say – “move” and so your eyelids, all your muscles – including diaphragm, lose the ability to move… if you are not put on a respirator when your breathing fails – you’ll die. It is said that even if you DO get treatment in the case of an envenomated bite from a Bungarus multicinctus – you still will likely die from the bite.

Anybody else know of a case of a foreigner dying from a snake bite in Thailand? I’ll have to google that… interesting topic.

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