Bussarakam Hotel in Khon Kaen – Overview / Review

Not really an in-depth review, but an overview. We stayed here last night and found it to be a very good value for 900 THB.

Here are some positives and negatives about Bussarakam Hotel in Khon Kaen:

Positives about Khon Kaen’s Bussarakam:

  • Room is exceptionally clean, bright, airy
  • Staff is professional and helpful
  • Bed is nice – king sized
  • Free breakfast was good – Thai food and toast with butter/strawberry
  • Wifi is free in the lobby

Negatives about Khon Kaen’s Bussarakam:

  • WiFi was 150 THB extra for the password to get it to work in our room. It worked off and on – annoying. I spent all my time in the lobby using it – because it’s more steady.
  • Location – near a bunch of karaoke and fishbowl places

That’s it – I can’t say anything else negative about the place – great place to stay with a family. Wish I had known the internet sucks in the room – I’d have saved 150 THB.

Author: Vern

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