Fly Manila to Honolulu, Hawaii on Hawaiian Air – $728

I got a notice from a travel company about west coast USA flights to Hawaii and so I started looking through to see what other flights were available from southeast Asia to Hawaii.

It didn’t take long to find a $364 fare from Manila to Honolulu – one way. That is really cheap. At least to me it is, I don’t ever scan these trips to see what the cheapest rate I can find is – but that has to be a good rate. 21,630 THB round-trip.

I checked Bangkok to Honolulu and the prices were much higher. I couldn’t find anything better than $900 USD each way.

In the past I’ve checked China Air and they had some cheap flights to Honolulu from Bangkok even – I think. Been a while since I looked, I hope I’m remembering that correctly.

So, if you have time to travel from Thailand to Honolulu the flights from BKK to Philippines are not expensive at all – you could probably do the whole trip for $1,000 USD.



Author: Vern

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12 thoughts on “Fly Manila to Honolulu, Hawaii on Hawaiian Air – $728”

  1. Howzit Brudda Vern!!!
    Its been long bra. Anyway, as you know since I am from Hawaii, the cheapest I found was from China Air and to me their service is very good. If you fly from Bangkok to Hawaii then it is more expensive than Honolulu to Bangkok but from what I remember Honolulu to Bangkok was around $1000. Bangkok to Honolulu…..ho bra!!! You looking at anything above $1500!!! I WISH that was baht!!!!!
    Eh, you wen get my email I wen reply to you about a month ago o what?
    K Den,
    Brudda Jon

    1. JON! HO BRAH! you did? uh oh… I’ll check! I’m usually good at responding at least within a week of nothing urgent! $1,500 is what I usually see for BKK to HNL. I would love to see $1,000. That’d work. This Hawaiian Air HNL to Manila looks very nice too. Just thinking about when we have to abandon the country and let it fall into the sea. I wonder wut da slowwww boat might chargem?

      1. Wassup Bro,
        I just sent you a reply email. Before when I went to the Philippines, I would go via Philippine Air since they had their own new terminal all to themselves because regular terminal had all sorts of shady people in there probably people on connecting flights to different places but it was one shady looking place!!! I was always on the edge in there. My friend who is Filipino from Hawaii was in the old terminal with his dad when out of the blue two Filipino police officer grab him by his arms and started dragging him away without saying anything. His dad had to explain that he was his son. The police thought since he has tattoos he escaped from prison. Also customs use to pull all sorts of S*&^t with me at the old terminal. I even had my friends who dropped me off to wait nearby so I could go and get more money to pay customs. I never knew how much they would charge me.
        Anyway, thats why I would fly via Philippines Air because at there terminal, they treated you WAYYY better, I could relax more in there, and never had hassles from customs or any shady looking people walking around. I guess because they cater more towards the Filipinos working abroad and have money to travel.Philippine Air was about $200 more than other carriers but I thought it was worth it to spend.

        K Den Lataz Bra,
        Brudda Jon

        1. HA! Great story… how long ago was that? Sounds like what Cambodia was years ago. One part of me likes that a lot… that unpredictability and no rules type atmosphere. One could get a lot done in a place like that. One could also get done over quite a bit in a place like that. Mo bettah you stay isaan brah.

          1. Then again to think about what you said “no rules type atmosphere”….it was sort of exciting. About staying Isaan, if this flooding keeps up and I have to go swim to my restroom downstairs to use it. Then I’m packing my bags because “Its time for a change” (Obama) Maybe in Krabi its high and dry?

  2. I guess $1000 for a flight is pretty cheap. I have been spoiled in life and have an insider in the airline industry, so I have never payed anywhere near that for a flight. Considering that Tiger Airways from Singapore to Phuket is about $150, that seems pretty reasonable.

    1. You’re the guy we all love to hate… the guy that pays 1/3rd of what we all do for air travel. How much you pay for trips to wherever you’re going?

      1. USA to Thailand is about $300-$400 round trip, I think off the top of my head. But that usually gets me Business Class. Can’t really complain about that, although flying standby really sucks.

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