Is Thailand Safe (Feb 2010) for Visitors?

Again – the question.

I have same answer as always… Thailand as a country – is safe. Come and visit and ignore the craziness going on – if there is any.

Bangkok is probably not safe at this time – as 2 embassies – AUS and CA (That’s Canada… lol) have issued statements that Bangkok might not be a good place to be in the near future.

Tourists are not being targeted. Have they EVER been? Not from my understanding of it all.

Stay away from Bangkok and the southernmost 3 provinces and you’ll likely be fine. Things are coming to a head soon because Thaksin Shinawatra, ex PM is set to lose about 2 billion US Dollars. Of course he doesn’t want that to happen. He has millions of followers, mostly in the northeast of Thailand – the red shirt country.

Look for some excitement in the next few weeks… or a total non-issue.

Author: Vern

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9 thoughts on “Is Thailand Safe (Feb 2010) for Visitors?”

  1. Hi Vern

    I am going to phuket in Feb 2012 with my wife and will be staying there for 5 nights. I want to know if that is it safe to walk around the Bangla road during the night time and if out of curiosity we visit few bars there .. is it safe to go.. I mean i dont want any untoward incident to happen and was banking on your knowledge of the country.

    1. Sure, it’s pretty safe. After 2 or 3 am when there aren’t many people – there is the occasional ladyboy robbery where they come up and check all your pockets for cash. I’d not suggest walking beach road for any distance where you see no people… ladyboys come up on motorbikes and rip you off. I’ve had a few try. My money is always well hidden.

  2. I’m considering moving there to teach english in the Fall. Will it be a safe place to plan for? Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Kat,

      I think so – but it’s anyone’s guess. Depends in large part what happens in the next week or maybe more. Things are always somewhat in limbo in Thailand – so, I’d recommend that you make your plans to come and teach. Especially if you’ll be outside Bangkok – the rest of the country sees little of the problems that Bangkok does over politics. I sent you email – hope you got it. Good luck!

  3. and Peter, where are the problems now in BKK.

    Which places should I avoid?

    I am only interested in places like MBK, platunium.. etc.. shopping areas.

    are they safe??


  4. Hello,

    I am planning a shopping trip to Bangkok in Early April.

    There are recent news reports of bombing cases, and I am afraid.

    Thank you so much for your response.

  5. If you follow the news, you will know were there problems are in Bangkok. Bangkok is very big so there are many places in Bangkok where you don’t have to be afraid. Better not wear yellow or red shirts ;-)

  6. i’m going to be going to bankok feb 28 – march 2. and i’m going to visit 4-5 major tourist attractions.

    would it be safe for me to go then? any precautions i should be taking? or things i should or shouldn’t do?

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