Thailand Suzuki Raider 150r is FAST

I’m talking about within Thailand of course – the Suzuki Raider 150 / 15or is quite fast…

The 150r does not have the neck-snapping acceleration the Honda Nova 125 did, but, it has a good strong pull from 3rd gear on, and peaks well above what the Nova 125 used to do for me.

Today I went back to the dealer and gave them the cash for the Raider 150r so I could test drive it. This dealer, unlike almost any other in the country that I’ve asked to test drive motorbikes – lets you.

I test drove the Suzuki Raider 150 with a mechanic from the dealer as a passenger. The bike was STILL fast. The brakes STILL worked well – dual disks, front and rear.

Well today I wanted to ride the Raider 150 by myself and so I had to give them the cash upfront with the caveat that I’d get it returned if I chose not to buy the motorcycle after the drive.

I headed out on the highway and let her rip… damn, it was nice. The most impressive thing was going up a moderate slope and sized hill and accelerating up it – to 130kph. I wasn’t sure I believed it. I did it again, and again. From 90 to 130 the Raider flies… actually, from 3rd gear through 6th it FLIES.

Maximum speed for Suzuki Raider 150r?

I don’t know. I never got there. I chickened out at 130kph because the rear low profile tire says maximum speed 120kph I noticed before I left. It needs some Dunlops.

So – I did some 0-130kph runs and I really enjoyed the speed. The exhaust looks stock and I wonder what a great exhaust would do for it… an open carb…

When I brought it back to the Suzuki dealer I wasn’t sure what I’d say. It took me 10 minutes of considering all the other options to tell them I’d be back possibly. I got the money back, but gave them 1,000 THB to hold it for me for 3 days – and call me if someone else wanted to buy it – I wanted right to buy it first.

So – that was today…

Oh, and the Yamaha MIO I’ve had for 4 years died yet again after fixing at the Yamaha dealer. They ‘fixed’ it for 1,054 THB. I drove away in search of a Honda dealer to find a new CBR 150r. I never made it – the bike died good. I turned around and pushed it back to Yamaha. They said – oh – have to take apart engine… this plastic piece is broken.

“Yeah, no joke!” – that’s what I told them the first time and that was the whole reason for seeing them the first time.  WTF?

So they get in there and look… they call me over to the MIO and say – who did the maintenance last time. I said  – “you.”

They said, no, there are some fake parts in there – we don’t do that. Then I remembered – oh yes, my friend did that when the entire Mio died on me and seized the engine a few months back.

They said the guy put parts in backward, put the wrong timing chain in the bike, etc, etc.

Aw man…

So, they kept it overnight – gave me a junk green one from circa 1974 and told me to come back in 24 hours and pay 3,000THB and it will be fixed the right way this time.

We’ll see tomorrow I guess.

Gotta decide which other motorbike to get quickly here…

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  1. Halo from indonesia. I had raider a few year ago.i was impressed with the performence. I ever used with the passenger almost passanger and i almost 150kg.

  2. Hello Vern. As I don’t ride motorbikes here in the Philippines (avg is one rider killed a day in Metro Manila area) is the 3rd gear through 6th gear speed more important than the neck snapping acceleration of your Honda? TIA.
    Mr. Lee

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