What is Living in Thailand REALLY Like?

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I have written more than 30 books at Amazon, a few of which are still there. You can buy paperback and/or eBooks for most titles. Prices are super reasonable and I will be writing more as I get this site and the ThaiPulse YouTube Channel up to speed. Will be a busy 2019.

Here is my Amazon Author Page. You can see which books are available today.

Variety of ThaiPulse Books at Amazon

I decided to put some of my Thailand-focused books here on this site for free. Below are the eBooks you can read for free here, just by clicking from page to page (huge pages, so few clicks).

Free Thailand eBooks at ThaiPulse

  • Living in Thailand – start reading now!
  • Thailand Black Book Survival Guide
  • 50 Ways to Make Money in Thailand
  • The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Thailand


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