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Dead Bangkok – New Fiction Book by J D Villines

I was hooked after one chapter. Read the sample chapter at Amazon...

Dead Bangkok isn’t one of my books – wish it was though.

JD Villines sent me email today. He’d read one of my books and enjoyed it and wanted to connect author to author. If you too are an author, new or established, zap me a note and say HEY, who knows, we might live close or have something else in common besides writing books.

So JD told me he had this book, “Dead Bangkok” on Amazon. It was set in Thailand and was a bit bizarre. I found it in the Kindle Store – he also has a paperback version at the Amazon book search. The Kindle book was $4.99 – Amazon adds $2 for those of us in Thailand and just about anywhere outside of USA, Canada, UK, and Germany I think are the exceptions. Anyway – so – it might be as cheap as $2.99 for you, depending where in the world you are.

I downloaded the first chapter to the Kindle for iPhone and I had 10 minutes, so I read it.

Damn glad I did – that was the best writing I’ve seen come out of Thailand in a very long time. I know some will disagree with me – preferring John Burdett, S Leather, or one of the other guys. I do like some of their stuff as well. This new “Dead Bangkok” book though – was written JUST for me, it felt like. It hit me hard and made a great impression.

It was written so well that I wished I COULD write like that. I don’t know how many times I’ve said that in my life. Maybe twice.

So, I bought Dead Bangkok in Kindle ebook format, and I’ll read it when I have some time. Maybe a long car ride if I trust my lovely wife to drive while I vegetate.

Go have a look at the book if you’re looking for something new to read. First grab my “Thailand’s Sickest” and then if you still have money, go check out Mr. Villines’ book. Is that like villainous? Wow, what a name… I like that too.
Not nearly as much as I do “Mike Fook” – but, it’s a damn good name for a fiction writer.

Disclosure – if you click on one of those links and buy either book, I make something ridiculous like 4 cents on the dollar. That means if 600 people did it, I’d make enough to buy another ebook.


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