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Suan Mokkh Photos

Suan Mokkh temple in Chaiya, Buddhadassa Bhikku's kuti.

Buddhadassa Bhikku's kuti at Suan Mokkh temple in Thailand

I believe that these two photos show Buddhadassa Bhikku’s Kuti
where he lived for many years at Suan Mokkh temple in Chaiya. I think it has been turned into a library now, but not sure about that. There are many hens and roosters around here, which he was said to have been fond of – though not attached to… ;)

buddhistaltar in Thailand

An altar outside in a park type setting that is where they give dhamma talks to the Suan Mokkh community.

Red dragonfly in Thailand.

A beautiful dragonfly that wasn’t very shy.

It was located near the ponds where the frogs were.

(Close to Buddhadassa’s kuti).

Suan Mokkh Forest Wat paths.

Some paths at Suan Mokkh.

Grounds at Suan Mokkh Forest Wat.

Coconut Tree Pond

These photos show an island and pond that was dug
out by one man as a contribution to Suan Mokkh. He was said to have
been feeling quite important after this feat and wanted to make
decisions about Suan Mokkh after creating this. Eventually
Buddhadassa Bhikku tired of it and told him to fill the pond back up
with dirt and leave. The man left the pond and later
reconciled with Buddhadassa before his death. Actually a day before
the incident which led to his death.

Lunch hall at Suan Mokkh Forest Monastery, Thailand.

The lunch hall where many monks eat…

Monk kuti at Suan Mokkh Wat, Chaiya, Thailand.

A monk’s kuti at Suan Mokkh Buddhist temple, Chaiya.

Kuti means hut or home for a monk.

Monks at Suan Mokkh Temple, Chaiya, Thailand.

Solitary monk walking on path at Wat Suan Mokkh, Thailand.

Pond at Wat Suan Mokkh, Chaiya, Thailand

A pond covered with small green leaves near
a wax figure of Buddhadassa Bhikku.

Red dirt walking path or meditation path at Suan Mokkh Forest Wat in Chaiya, Thailand.

Red dirt walking path at Suan Mokkh Forest Monastery,Chaiya , Thailand

Hot spring pool at International Dhamma Heritage center at Suan Mokkh

Swimming at a hotspring near International Dhamma Hermitage across the street and 1.5 km down the road.

Siddhartha Buddha artwork (sculpture) at Suan Mokkh temple in Chiaya, Thailand.

The building behind, as well as the surrounding area holds a lot of art made by monks at Suan Mokkh.

I liked this figure of Siddhartha, a friend has this tattooed on his forearm which looks quite cool (as far as tattoos go).

A buddhistmonk's kuti at Suan Mokkh Forest Temple in Chaiya, Thailand.

Monk kuti, Suan Mokkh.

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