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Wat Tum Sua Photos 1

Wat Tum Sua (Thum Sua) is one of my favorite Buddhist temples in Thailand. I’ve spent many hours there and I always come away feeling refreshed and happy that I made the visit – and inevitably, one of the two climbs. There is plenty to see at this temple. Wat Tum Sua (Thum Sua) temple is located at the base of a limestone mountain over 300 meters height. You MUST come and see this temple if you have an extra half day in Krabi, or maybe if it’s raining and you aren’t going to Railay beach or some other beach location. This is a good trip for a rainy day.

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This is where the monks go to meditate for more silence. It’s located away from the main temple area and all other areas. To find it, continue past wat Tum Sua on the road you came in on and go 1km past. On your left across a field of weeds you’ll see it back by the limestone hills.

I just learned from a young monk that there is a way to get up the mountain that is behind this area. He will take me there this week and then I’ll post about it. I’ve never heard of this and I’ve been coming here for months. I guess it requires an invitation as this section is relatively private. I think they thought I was a visiting monk the first time I went as they kept asking me if I was “prah” – a monk. They let me walk around there the first time without problems and I took the photos below. This next time I’ll have a monk escort, maybe more as I’ve come to know a few of the monks and once word gets around that I want to climb this new mountain maybe more will show up?

Woman in white (nun or layperson) meditating
at top of Wat Tum Sua Temple, Krabi, Thailand.

Monk kuti for monks in Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, Thailand

Monk meditation huts, far side of temple grounds.

buddhistaltar at Wat Tham Seua, Krabi, Thailand

Small Buddha shrine 200 m away from main tourist area.

Monk homes at Wat Tum Sua, Krabi, Thailand

Meditation huts among the rubber trees in an
isolated section of Wat Tum Suea.

At about step 870 is this statue, illuminated at night. In general
the steps are not lit at all. There are some very dark
sections and you’re advised to bring a flashlight (torch).


Tum Sua Photos 2

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  • November 18, 2013 at 5:27 am

    Nice photos of this temple. I have to visit this temple whenever I can get my ass to visit your side of Thailand!


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