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Page 2 Wat Tum Sua Photos
Wat Tum Sua, Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand


Whale skull in Thailand: Teradactyl.

Near the parking lot – and the small store is this skeleton of the
skull of a small whale. Apparently it was found here in Krabi.

Ajarn Jumnien shrine during his birthday.

Ajarn Jumnien’s birthday party shrine – a lot of photos of
him with various important people in the community.

Boddhi leaves on small tree.

Boddhi tree leaves at the top of the mountain. The Boddhi tree
is where the first Buddha is said to have sat under while awakening.

Buddha shrine at Wat Tum Sua.

A shrine inside the main building by the parking lot – also where
you’ll find the Tiger Cave (up some steps directly behind this Buddha).

Large gold chedi on mountain at Wat Tum Sua.

At top of mountain is a large gold chedi with Buddhas
sitting at the four corners (directions N-S-E-W)

Wat Tum Sua souvenir of Chedi at top of mountain.

If you like you can purchase one of these small cloths with a
photo of the chedi and Ajarn Jumnien (Abbot) on the front side.

Ajarn Jumnien, abbot of Wat Tum Sua featured on small souvenir.

Beautiful hand made Dhamma (Dharma) wheel of flowers.

For Ajarn Jumnien’s birthday (the abbot) there were
two of these large flower dhamma wheels.

Happy Buddha!

Happy Buddha

Incense offering bowl at Chinese shrine, Wat Tum Sua, Krabi, Thailand.

Incense offering bowl at a Chinese memorial at Wat Tum Sua.

2nd floor open porch area of Aj. Jumnearn’s temple or residence.

View of limestone karsts in Krabi, Thailand from top of mountain.

View of Krabi limestone karsts and Krabi town in background.

Stairs at Wat Tum Sua, Krabi, Thailand.

Some stairs from about step 500 to 590.

Buddhist amulets for sale at Wat Tum Sua.

Amulets and other things for sale inside the large building
by parking lot that says, “Wat Tum Sua” on it.

View from top of mountain, Krabi, Thailand. Kowl Phanom Bencha mountain in background.

Top of mountain and Kowl Phanom Bencha in background.
The highest peak in the area, it’s about 4500 feet high and
trips can be taken to the top if you have the energy. Cost – about
1000 baht per person per day with a guide.

Krabi, Thailand after rains.

View of limestone karsts around Route 4 to the west of Krabi town

during one rainy, misty, cloudy, and foggy day. Awesome photos that day!

Large walking stick in Krabi, Thailand.

A large – almost 1 foot long – walking stick on a
cable leading to the big gold Buddha.


Wat Tum Sua Photos 1

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Wat Tum Sua Jatukam Ceremony with Aj. Jumnien

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