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Laws Against Pornography and Indecency

Pornography in Thailand – What is it?

Believe it or not, in a country that turns it’s back to blatant prostitution the laws against pornography in Thailand are very strict and producing any kind of pornography is illegal.

Pornography is defined very loosely in Thailand.  Basically it reads that whatever is deemed to be pornography, is.  Thai television is pretty tame. They show people in their underwear and bikini swimsuits on TV. They show naked people in the newspapers – victims of rape/murders or other heinous crimes – and they black out the genitals and breasts but it’s obvious the victims are partially or fully naked.

There have been numerous visitors and expats taken to jail and some sent out of Thailand for being involved in pornographic production of photographs and video. Pattaya seems to be a haven for this type of thing. In the past months, erotic video producers from Germany, Japan, America, and England have been arrested and deported.

There is, at present a scam involving Thai men that claim to be police from Bangkok. They confront a known producer of erotic material and they attempt to extort huge amounts of money from the foreigner. Many persons have found themselves victim of this particular scam. The police officers say they are under orders from a General in Bangkok.

As a result of this and other similar experiences, fewer guys shooting erotica for websites exist in Thailand.

Computer Related Issues

In 1997 the ruling Junta passed a strict law about computer pornography, and actually holds responsible internet cafes for crimes committed by their customers.

The following is from part of a Bangkok Post article…

The law is aimed at easing criminal investigations, especially into internet crime and other computer-based offences. Anybody who downloads, uploads or distributes pornography, writes or posts abusive material, steals personal information, or deliberately spreads computer viruses will be tracked and arrested. Lt-Cdr Worrakorn Saorieng checks the equipment at the Hydrographic Department in a specially designed room to make sure Thai Standard Time is in sync with international standard. Internet cafe operators will be obliged to record the names and ID card numbers of anybody who uses their services, as well as the time, date and duration of their visit and addresses of all websites they access. Those who do not record this information or who do not adhere to TST will be fined between 100,000 and 500,000 baht.

Sexual Aids (NOT HIV – A.I.D.s)
In addition to pornography laws Thailand also restricts the possession of marital aids like dildos. They may not allow you to bring it in your suitcase – so, avoid bringing any such risque items if you can’t afford to lose it or face the embarrassment of them pulling it out of your luggage for all to see.

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