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German Beaten by Patong Beach Phuket Tuk Tuk Drivers – Is Thailand Safe?

You probably think I’m going to rant and rave about how Thais are beating the hell out of a farang that didn’t deserve it.


I don’t know what happened in this latest incident, and neither do you. Do you realize how dorked up information can get by the time it reaches the press?

It’s 11pm in Patong Beach. The German guy that was beat up – and his wife, were both drunk (so the story says). They refused to pay a 200 baht fare for going about 800 meters in a tuk-tuk. The German guy insisted he was only paying 100 THB. Now, maybe that’s what they had agreed to before they got into the tuk-tuk, and maybe not. Maybe the German guy said – 100 THB – the tuk-tuk driver said, “OK”.

They took off, the tuk-tuk guy dropped them off where they wanted (Tai Pan Disco) and said – “200 Baht”. The German guy, not understanding that this is a typical Tuk-Tuk ploy, telling each passenger at the end of the ride that it was agreed upon to give 100 THB for EACH passenger, not both. The German guy insists he’s not giving more than 100 THB. He pushes the Thai guy down supposedly – and well, that’s a real dumb move when in Thailand and surrounded by Thais in Patong Beach at 11 pm at night. Actually, that’s a dumb fucking move anywhere you are in the world over 3 dollars. You’d have to be a complete idiot to do something like that over 100 THB. If it’s true, how that guy ever made it into his 50’s is well beyond me.

This German guy is in the hospital with a bleeding brain because of $3 fucking dollars USD. Hello? Anybody home?

Not to call the German guy a dumbass – because I don’t know how the deal really went down, but, when you come to Thailand you can expect to:

1. Have differences of opinion.

2. Have misunderstandings.

3. Pay more than you want to sometimes because you don’t understand the country and how things work.

That’s just the reality of it. If the German guy had said, loudly – 100 THB for both my wife and myself to go to Tai Pan. The Thai guy probably wouldn’t have tried to get 200 THB. That’s just my experience. I’ve never had a problem in this area… guys I know that have lived in Thailand for some time – also understand the game, and they don’t leave the deal hanging in the air – they clarify – and make it very clear – it’s 100 THB for “ALL OF US” or me and my friend, or whatever it is.

Because this German couple didn’t understand the game, it isn’t their fault either. The Tuk-Tuk guy could have explained – or tried – and that’s the best he could do. Do tuk-tuk guys try to get 100 THB off tourists when they can – sure they do sometimes.

Farangs that get violent with Thais first – never cease to amaze me. Just what the hell do you have to be smoking or shooting up to hit a Thai person first and then think you’re going to walk away a winner?

Not going to happen, not in this lifetime, and this German guy may yet find that out.

It’s a sad state of things in Patong Beach, Pattaya, for sure. These kinds of stupid interactions between tourists and taxi-drivers don’t need to be happening. Someone should straighten shit out down there. For the ultimate resource on the island, read more about Phuket here.

Will it happen?

Hell no.

Not in my lifetime, or yours.

Is Thailand safe?

You’re safe as a kitten here if you’re not foolish and take a lot of time to study up on how things work in Thailand. You’re safe as a kitten if you’re not prone to overheating over $3 USD. You’re safe as a kitten if you’re not taking chicks, ladyboys or guys back to your hotel, condo, or house. You’re safe as a kitten if you’re not marrying a bargirl or someone else to whom money is everything. You’re safe as a kitten if you’re watching your drink at all times. You’re safe as a kitten if you understand how Thais drive – as  a fellow driver, and a pedestrian. You’re safe as a kitten if you don’t drink the water. You’re safe as a kitten if you watch out for exposed electrical boxes and wires. You’re safe as a kitten if you don’t overdo the Viagra or Kamagra. You’re safe as a kitten if you’re not walking with your purse exposed to motorbike thieves. You’re safe as a kitten if you…

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