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Not too smart…

My Dumb Move – Living in Thailand

I made a video today about a bird not being too smart – and just realized – i made it come true about myself.

Driving back from getting a cooked chicken to go (on the motorbike) some guy passed between two of us motorbike riders with very little room, between us, not hitting us but very close… and revving the engine really loudly – and I figured he’s acting like a jackass… my VERY reserved girlfriend called him “crazy” as he passed

So – when he ground the gears very loudly I laughed almost as loud

And told my g/f that he just ground his motorbike gears up a lot…

Well, he heard me and turned around. He made a turn and then waited there watching me – staring at me to see who I am, I guess. My girlfriend has told me that everyone can see that I’m farang – and that my face is totally different even with the helmet.

So – I looked at him too for a second – sizing him up. He was a skinny guy, maybe 20 something, longish hair.

Was he going to follow us? He stopped dead and made no effort to disguise that he was staring straight at me.

Realizing my girlfriend was on the back I turned my head and looked forward. That was my first thought, but then my second thought was, doesn’t matter ANYWAY. If I get into a fight with ANY Thai guy – I’m fighting 2, 3, or maybe 10 of them.

I drove past and kept looking back to see if he was following us.

We live in a small town and we were close to our house at the market. EVERYONE is aware where we live, or could find out very easily by asking a couple of people…

Guess it’d be easy to burn the house down or something. Give me a club or machete to the back of the head as I’m riding the motorbike someday.

When I got home I started to think… maybe his motorbike really had a problem – and he was revving it just to keep it going – in hindsight.

I think that… and I think that he must have felt like, he lost face – in traffic – having to rev it to keep it going – and me laughing at him when he ground the gears.

I think I wasn’t the smart bird tonight- how ironic if this is what kills me. A laugh. A sarcastic laugh like I do so much and so well- it even translated across cultures… the anger in his eyes when he was staring makes me know that his anger won’t go away anytime soon.

Some alcohol or som ya-ba and he may come with a few of his friends to get into the house and give some payback. That would suck. I have little here to protect us with. a slide-out metal club… a 4-inch knife with locking blade… a 3-piece screw together 3-pronged spear I brought from Hawaii…

What else do I have? my smarts? when I’m stressed and in danger- I cant think -so that’s why I need to think now.

1st – what are the chances he’ll return tonight?

My thought process:

-it’s Friday night.

– it’s easy to break in this house if someone wanted to. Sure we have bars all over every door and window – but, come on. What are they screwed into? the wood frame which would come right out of the wall if ran into by one or two guys.

Not to mention, they are screwed in – and all it would take is a screwdriver and a half hour to remove ANY of the bars cleanly and quietly.

– it’s easy to find where I live – could ask anyone.

– It’s easier for him to get drunk now because he’s pissed off as it is. Not that he needs any excuse. Thai guys don’t.

– he rode up the rode that I USUALLY ride up on the way home from the sports park where I run. I always ride there without a helmet. EVERYONE there knows me and probably which complex I live in.

Then, I go over the probability of things:

  • odds that he returns tonight – 60%
  • odds that if he doesn’t come tonight he comes tomorrow – 20%
  • odds that if he sees me sometime – and has friends- he’ll follow me or crash into me and his friends will beat me – 70%

Other extenuating or exacerbating factors…

  • I’m a farang – seen as rich…
  • jealousy… and losing face…
  • and upset already that he has this forshit motorbike that isn’t running well.
  • the odds might be higher.

I don’t want to die in a street fight- really I don’t.

And yet, in America, I wouldn’t feel any of this. Things are taken care of then and there. If this happened we’d have confronted each other and that would have been it.

Probably not fight about it, I might have even apologized because I know I shouldn’t laugh when I see people get what they deserve, – and yet, it just pops out sometimes on its own.

Fights in the military were fair. ALWAYS fair. One guy on one guy. I lost a couple at first but learned a couple things that almost never failed.

Thai guys are NOT good street fighters.

More thoughts…

options to stay alive over next couple weeks – months –

1. Move. Move into a mansion or into place on other side of town.

2. Hire Muay Thai fighter to protect me during the day. Cost: 300b/day – 9000b month

3. Move now and go to a different school somewhere – this school is not being honest about work permit… not sure if i can even work after this term.

i gotta think – too stressed… wow.

bad bad bad move… dumber than a bird that can’t chirp to me correctly… :P

(update: I wrote this 2 weeks ago. I’ve laid low around here, chose not to move to a different place… I haven’t seen the guy yet but I’m not running at that park anymore either. This was a good excuse to lock me in the house every night and write my blogs. LOL. I stopped carrying around an extendable metal rod last week. Perhaps he’s forgotten. I haven’t. Still on alert…)


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